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Family Centre Nopea

The early intervention Family Centre Nopea’s service is available for families, who has children or adolescent between ages 6 and 17, and are living in Tampere, by providing early-stage help and support.

Family Centre Nopea helps for example in situations where there is disagreement about curfew or how the child spends his or her spare time. There can be concerns regarding going to school, or problems in interaction at home between family members. Service is offered free of charge.

Family Centre Nopea offers early-stage, preventive family counseling:

  • Fast response and intense frequency in working process
  • Guidance, counseling and family meetings with commonly agreed objectives

In the meetings we aim to find and enforce positive interaction, coping skills and resources for everyday situations, and evaluate the family’s need for support in the future.

Families can contact Family Centre Nopea themselves, or the process can be initiated by some other employer working with the child or family. Person contacting Family Centre Nopea could be for example school counselor or school nurse.

Meetings can be held in the premises of Family Centre Nopea, or at client family’s home.

Families with 6 - 12 year old children

Work pairs who serve the families with children in preschool and primary school (grades 1 - 6) are assigned according to the residential area.

Nopea: Western area
Tel. 040 806 3698
Tel. 040 806 3697

Nopea: Eastern area
Tel. 040 806 2177
Tel. 040 806 3695
Linnainmaa Health Centre

Nopea: Southern area
Tel. 040 806 2178
Tel. 040 806 3670

Families with 13 - 17 year old adolescent

Families can contact Family Centre Nopea by email: nopea(at), or by phone 040 800 4735.

The Family Centre Nopea is located in the address Itsenäisyydenkatu 21 B (1st floor).

Further information:
Senior Instructor Anu Säynäjäkangas Tel. 050 364 8689