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Family planning clinic

Family planning clinic
Tel. 03 5657 0152, advice and booking an appointment: Monday, Thursday 13 - 14.30 and Tuesday, Friday 8.30 - 10
33900 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Thursday 8 - 15 and Friday 8 - 13

Entrance to the J-stair of the Sarvis building.

At the family planning clinic there is no registering. Those having booked an appointment are called by name. At the family planning clinic you may consult a public health nurse and a doctor.

The family planning clinic provides birth control advice and help in contraception needs and problems for Tampere residents over 22 years of age when there is a need for:

  1. initiation of contraception: pills, vaginal ring, transdermal patch, intrauterine device (the hormonal IUD or the copper IUD) or implant
  2. IUD or implant insertions, removal, replacement or control visits
  3. advice and care in special problems with contraception, as diseases or their risk factors affect the choice of the contraceptive method (for example; migraines, thrombosis, heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, intestinal diseases).

If you don’t have special problems with contraception (see 3 above), the follow up of hormonal contraception (pills, vaginal ring, transdermal patch) and the renewals of prescription take place at your own health centre. Also referrals to male of female sterilization take place at health centres.

In family planning clinic hormonal IUDs are only inserted for contraception. (In special cases, hormonal IUD can be inserted as medical treatment to heavy menstrual bleeding. Assessment of these situations takes place at health centre.)

Contraceptive services for residents under 22 are arranged at youth clinic and for students by student health care services.

Client fees

The appointment is free of charge.
As regards IUDs, an invoice is sent to the client: a copper IUD costs either 73 euros (Nova T) or 182 euros (Gynefix). The customer buys hormone IUDs and contraceptive capsules from the pharmacy with a prescription, which can be obtained, for example, from Family planning clinic, maternity clinic or health centre.