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Exfoliative cytology tests

All women aged 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 years are selected for screening for detecting cases of cervical cancer (Papanicolaou test or exfoliative cytology test).

Each woman receives an appointment letter. The test is taken at the service points of Fimlab Laboratoriot Ltd:

The tests are free of charge. The clients are notified of the results by post directly from the laboratory of Fimlab Laboratoriot Ltd.


Mammography screening is provided for women 50 - 68 years of age living in Tampere. The first screening is conducted for women at the age of 50, and the following screenings every other year until 68 years of age. The examination is free of charge.

Breast clinic Rintsikka
Tel. 03 3116 4300, booking an appointment, Monday to Thursday 8 - 15, Friday 9 - 15
33900 Tampere

Each age group is chosen separately, according to the date of birth. Each woman receives an appointment letter two weeks before the date of the mammography.

The client may change appointments within the calendar year concerned.