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Seasonal influenza vaccinations for students in autumn 2021

The vaccines arrive in Finland in lots. The first groups to receive a free influenza vaccination include people at high risk of serious influenza complications because of an illness, as well as social, healthcare and medical care students.

Among social, healthcare and medical care students, priority will be given to those who come in contact with and care for influenza patients, and to those who provide constant care for persons running a particularly high risk of serious influenza complications.

Categories of people at particularly high risk of serious influenza complications:

• everyone aged 65 or older

• people belonging to at-risk groups because of an illness or treatment

• pregnant women

• children under 7 years

• The influenza vaccine will also be administered to individuals who repeatedly come in close contact with someone at a particularly high risk of serious influenza complications or with someone at risk of serious influenza complications and who cannot be protected with a vaccine.

Students other than those in risk groups are encouraged to acquire a prescription from the student health care service.

During the influenza season 2021-2022, the VaxigripTetra vaccine will be used in Finland’s national vaccine programme.
As a rule, you can either obtain the influenza vaccination by specific appointment or while attending any other medical appointment with us. This is to avoid queuing in the waiting room during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make an appointment by calling own student health care center.

Remember to follow the COVID-19 instructions (keep safe distance, only come to your appointment if you are in good health, etc.).

We recommend that you wear a face mask when visiting our premises.

Coronavirus COVID-19

The student health care is functioning as normally as possible despite the coronaepidemic. If you need an appointment with the student healthcare services please contact the student nurse by phone. Consulting hours (times when you can come to the nurse without booking an appointment) are closed for now.

Please notice that it is forbidden for a person with respiratory infection symptoms or a person who has returned from a trip from abroad within two weeks or a person ordered under quarantine or isolation to arrive to his/her appointment.

The travel restrictions concerning international travelling do not apply if at the time of arrival a person is returning to Finland from a country, that is not listed as the country under border control and travel restriction by the Finnish Government.

Impacts of the coronavirus epidemic:

Tuberculosis and tuberculosis examination

Tuberculosis is a rare disease in Finland. It has been almost completely eradicated due to good medical care. If you come from a country categorised in a risk group where the occurrence of tuberculosis is high, you may have the disease and infect those around you without knowing.

As you plan to stay in Finland for more than three months, you have the right to a free chest X-ray. The X-ray is voluntary. Its purpose is to examine whether your lungs show any changes indicative of tuberculosis.