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Health centre services

A multi-professional primary care team is at your service at health centres. In addition to the services of a physician, nurse and a public health nurse, you can also consult, for instance, physiotherapists or the specialists in mental health and substance abuse treatment. Together we can prevent the onset of illnesses as well as promote and support your health and well-being.

Health centre services are supported by various specialist services provided by primary health care, which are discussed in detail on this webpage. The services are available for you regardless of your designated health centre.


Physiotherapists work in close cooperation with the nurses and physicians at health centres. You can be offered for instance physiotherapy guidance and assessment of therapy needs on the phone.

If necessary, you will be booked in to be seen by a physiotherapist and possibly for further specialised therapy consultations.

Mental health and substance abuse treatment services

Mental health teams at health centres consist of health centre psychologists and psychiatric nurses. The teams offer structured and short-term individual and group therapies and support multi-professional work at the health centres.

The mental health team provides assistance in adult mental health and substance abuse issues including

  • mild and moderate depression
  • various dependencies
  • anxiety and panic issues
  • life crises
  • various psychosomatic symptoms

You can ask the physician at your health centre to refer you to the health centre mental health team. The services of the psychologists and psychiatric nurses at health centres are free of charge.

Procedure and consultation unit

Specialised care procedures are carried out at the procedure and consultation unit as primary care services. You can be referred to the services at the unit either by a physician or by an invite to a health screening. The out-patient clinic fee is 41.20 euros.

Procedure and consultation unit
Hatanpää Health Centre
33900 Tampere
opening hours Mon - Thu 8 - 16 and Fri 8 - 15

City of Tampere sleep unit

The sleep unit carries out various tests for sleep apnea and fittings for C-PAP machines and masks, and organise a pick-up of equipment for sleep apnea patients. Moreover, the unit will provide guidance and counselling for sleep apnea therapy. You need a referral to go to the sleep apnea unit.

The unit locates at the Tipotie Welfare Centre at Tipotie 4 (5th floor, D wing).

  • C-PAP system therapies and sleep apnea registrations
    - Inquiries: tel. 041 730 2193, Mon - Fri 13 - 15, please leave a message at other times.
  • Picking up equipment for sleep apnea
    - Open: Mon 13 - 15 and Fri 9 - 11
    - Book an appointment for mask fitting and change of broken equipment always in advance, tel. 041 730 2193.