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Adult health care

Valokuva: Aikuisneuvolan terveydenhoitaja hoitaa asiakkaan jalkoja.

The adult health care is responsible for giving health advice and information for adults in their local areas.

The public health nurse gives adults individual health guidance, monitors their general health and blood pressure and seeks to prevent diseases common among Finns, such as diabetes and hypertension. The adult health care also provides medical care and birth control advice and gives vaccinations.

You may turn to the public health nurse in all issues relating to health and medical care.
The public health nurses also provide information on different kinds of services, social benefits and group activities, such as weight management groups.

The services provided at the adult health care are free of charge.

A health check-up is available for all residents of Tampere. In the health check-up the person’s health is examined, he or she is given health guidance and informed of the services provided in the area. You can contact your own health centre to arrange an appointment for a health check-up.