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COVID-19 passport

How do you get a COVID-19 passport?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate acts as a COVID-19 passport, which can be downloaded from the online service. It includes evidence of coronavirus vaccination, a coronavirus test and any history of coronavirus disease. The certificate will appear in Omakanta within five days of receiving the vaccine.

How to get a coronavirus vaccination certificate (COVID-19 passport) from Omakanta:

  1. Log in to Omakanta.
  2. From the left-hand side menu, select COVID Certificate.
  3. Click the PDF link to open the COVID Certificate. If you have a certificate, it will open in a new tab.
  4. Save the PDF file on your phone. You can also print the certificate on paper.

A printout of the COVID-19 passport can also be requested at COVID Certificate point, municipal health centres and, for students, at Student health care . You can also authorise someone else to use Kanta on your behalf.

If you cannot download or print the certificate from Kanta yourself, staff at the city libraries can help you to do it. At the information desks of the Sampola and Hervanta libraries, you can always get personal assistance during service hours to download your COVID-19 passport, and at other libraries you can also get help with both downloading and printing (print-outs à €0.30). The customer must, however, be able to log in to Omakanta and use the service themselves using strong identification (bank IDs). Staff can only provide guidance in this.

If a child or young person over the age of 10 needs a COVID-19 passport and cannot download or print it from Omakanta, they can apply for a passport from either the COVID Certificate Point or their own health centre. The child or young person must either pick up the passport themselves or be involved in picking up the passport. You should be prepared to prove your identity.

COVID Certificate point

You can get a COVID Certificate (i.e. a COVID-19 passport) from the service point in the Frenckell building, if you cannot print or download the passport from the Omakanta web service.

The point serves the residents of Tampere and Orivesi, as well as people from outside the EU who are staying in Tampere and Orivesi for a long time.

There is no need to reserve time for the COVID Certificate service point, which operates on a number-by-number basis. You can get a COVID Certificate at the service point by visiting in person. A photo ID is required.

COVID Certificate Point
33100 Tampere
opening hours Mon–Fri from 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

 The service point is located in a red brick building called Frenckell.

A COVID Certificate can also be made for long-term residents from outside the EU who are in Tampere or Orivesi for work or study, for example. To receive the certificate, the customer must carry the necessary documentation of the vaccinations given outside the EU and the reason for the long stay. The COVID Certificate can only be issued for vaccine products authorised by the European Commission or the WHO emergency use listing. People from outside the EU must also visit the service point in person to obtain a certificate. The certificate cannot be obtained remotely, for example, by e-mail or telephone.

Where do you need COVID-19 passport?

The COVID-19 passport is an alternative to restrictions, allowing holders access to functions and events.

All indoor public events and general meetings are prohibited until 4 February 2022. A COVID-19 passport does not exempt you from these regulations. The use of COVID-19 passports is, therefore, on hold.