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Participate in innovation activities

Visit and enjoy

Hiedanrannan Arifest, kuvaaja Aleksandra Liias

Familiarise yourself with the development of a smart and sustainable city district on the spot. Participate in some of the versatile cultural events or just experience the authentic atmosphere and enjoy the services provided in Hiedanranta.


Hiedanrannan nollakuitua, kuvaaja Eija Jokinen

Tyyppaamo is an experimental plant that is being constructed in an old industrial building in Hiedanranta. It models a circular economy and areal energy production.

Arrange an event or a meeting in Hiedanranta

Hiedanrannan puutarhajuhlat 2018, kuvaaja Samuli Halén

Hiedanranta provides settings for major events as well as for smaller meetings and workshops. It also provides premises, free of charge, for organising free-of-charge cultural events and performances that are open to all.

Living Lab for circular economy experiments

Hiedanrannan kelluva puutarha, kuvaaja Meri Lampinen

How does a circular economy feel? Or does it feel anything? Hiedanranta acts as a living laboratory for various circular economy experiments that can be experienced and tested on the spot.

Drone testing area

Hiedanrannan Dronetestausalue, kuvaaja Eija Jokinen

In an endeavour to develop drone technology and support test flight operations, the Hiertämö building in Hiedanranta is offered for temporary use by drone operators. The drone testing area is meant for businesses as well as research and educational institutions.

Innovation events and workshops

Hiedanrannan puutarhajuhlat 2018, kuvaaja Samuli Halén

Fascinating events and workshops are provided all year round dealing with the development of Hiedanranta.

Educational cooperation

Hiedanrannan ideakilpailu 2017, kuvaaja Meri Lampinen

Hiedanranta functions as an educational environment for educational institutions at different levels and for other providers of education and training. The activities create a large variety of new cooperation opportunities for actors in different fields.

Development platform for the energy services

Carbofex Oy, kuvaaja Meri Lampinen

For Hiedanranta, a model is being created where the zero energy blocks provide a new kind of business platform for sustainable energy services. Participate in innovation activities and become active in energy matters.

Locate your facilities in Hiedanranta

Hiedanrannan kattoja, kuvaaja Joonas Tähtinen

Businesses, actors in pastime activities, as well as actors in the cultural and educational fields, can locate their facilities in the industrial and manor settings of the evolving Hiedanranta.


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Reijo Väliharju Tel. 050 388 0901

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