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Business activities in Hiedanranta

Hiedanranta boasts businesses which serve visitors and which utilise new technology and a circular economy in their activities.

Circular economy and technology businesses in the district

Cultivation plant

Evergreen Farm Oy is developing cultivation in Hiedanranta based on a closed cycle and artificial intelligence. In the cultivation system, strawberry seedlings are planted into large cylinders with a nutrient solution running inside the cylinders. The necessary lighting is provided by LED lamps.

Evergreenin kasvitehdas, kuvaaja Eija Jokinen
Evergreen Farm Oy
Ali Amirlatifi Tel. +358 50 390 3333

Smart sanitation

The sanitation system for the Kulttuuritila Kuivaamo event venue is waterless. There are thirteen dry toilets and six waterless urinals. The system was designed by DT-keskus and it is a significant pilot on a Nordic scale. The urine-separating dry toilets enable the recycling of nutrients and consume less water and energy than flush toilets.

The development that began with the Kuivaamo dry toilets is now progressing towards remote-controlled and remote-monitored toilets. The composting equipment processes the solid toilet waste, turning it into fertilizer. The container toilet experiment was launched in 2018, initially serving the Tredu students in Hiedanranta.

Kuivaamon sanitaatio, kuvaaja Meri Lampinen

CO2 negative biochar power plant

The Carbofex Oy power plant produces biochar in Hiedanranta. It can be used as a growth medium and as soil improvement material. By means of biochar, contaminants can also be filtered from soil, water and air.

At the present time, the power plant produces CO2 negative thermal energy for the district heating network of Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy. Hiedanranta is the first customer of CO2 negative district heat in Finland.

Carbofex Oy, kuvaaja Meri Lampinen
Carbofex Oy
Sampo Tukiainen Tel. +358 41 593 265

In addition, a large number of businesses are operating in Hiedanranta, such as the Paja community of craftspeople. You can check out the Hiedanranta Culture website for information on other businesses and services in Hiedanranta.

Hiedanrannan Paja, kuvaaja Senni Vesikallio