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In physiotherapy, you can get guidance, advice and individual and group therapy to promote your mobility and functional capacity.

Physiotherapy for adults

Start with Omaolo

Do you have lower back, shoulder or knee pain or a related injury? The Omaolo service is available 24 hours a day and provides reliable information on whether your symptoms require treatment. Based on your answers, you will get personal recommendations and instructions on what to do.


You can book a physiotherapy appointment if a physician has written you a physiotherapy referral. The timing of your physiotherapy is determined by the urgency of the treatment you need.

Centralised counselling and appointment service:
Phone 03 5657 8800
Open: Mon-Thu 8-15, Fri 8-13

Regional contact information for physiotherapy: Physiotherapy units at the health centres

First visit

During your first visit, the physiotherapist will examine your functional capacity and prepare a physiotherapy plan with you. Your rehabilitation can be arranged individually, in a group or as independent exercises after receiving instructions from the physiotherapist. 

If necessary, the physiotherapist will determine if you need assistive equipment. A physiotherapist or a rehabilitation nurse can make a home visit if your functional capacity so requires.

Client payments 

  • Individual counselling and therapy visit at a physiotherapy unit: EUR 11.40 per appointment for people aged 18 or over
  • Home visit: EUR 12 per appointment for people aged 18 or over 

Services that are free of charge include group therapy, assistive equipment services and physiotherapy for everyone under the age of 18. 

If you have reached your payment contribution ceiling for services provided by the City of Tampere and you have been granted a no-charge card entitling you to free services, you will not be charged a client fee. 

Physiotherapy for children under school age

Physiotherapy for children under school age provides rehabilitation and preventive treatment for problems affecting the child’s ability to move and function. The purpose of this physiotherapy is to address issues as early as possible to minimise the limitations to the child’s abilities.

Applying for the service

Children need a referral for physiotherapy. The referral can be written by a doctor at the child health clinic or a health centre doctor, by a public health nurse at the child health clinic or by a specialised care doctor. You book the appointment as the child’s guardian.

Physiotherapy services are provided by children’s physical therapy units at Tammelakeskus and Tipotie and by regional physiotherapy units at health centres.  
Children’s physiotherapy units treat babies and preschoolers with motor problems, such as delays or abnormalities in motor development, limb posture defects or other musculoskeletal problems.

Contact details

Children’s physiotherapy, Tipotie
Appointments, advice and guidance, telephone 03 5657 8800
Open: Mon- Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13
Tipotie Social and Health Care Centre (3rd floor, wing D)
Tipotie 4
33230 Tampere

Children’s physiotherapy, Tammelakeskus
Appointments, advice and guidance, telephone 03 5657 8800
Open: Mon- Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13
Tammelakeskuksen Health Centre (4th floor)
Itsenäisyydenkatu 21 B
33500 Tampere

Physiotherapy for schoolchildren

In physiotherapy for schoolchildren, you will receive guidance and advice on musculoskeletal problems. A series of therapy sessions will be organised for you if necessary. Most common reasons for physiotherapy appointments are neck and shoulder problems, posture issues, or examinations such as scoliosis monitoring, ergonomics guidance and assessment of leg length discrepancy.

The service is intended for children in comprehensive school and students in secondary education.

Pupils in special needs schools should contact the physiotherapy of Puistokoulu or Sammonkoulu. Pupils in other schools should contact the appointment and guidance service of rehabilitation services.

If you are in secondary education, you need to book an appointment for a physiotherapist yourself. To book an appointment, you need to have a referral from the school’s public health nurse or doctor. You always need an electronic referral from a doctor for a series of therapy sessions.

Students in special needs schools

Physiotherapy at Puistokoulu
Telephone 050 302 3469 and 040 801 6320
Vuoreksen puistokatu 91
33870 Tampere
Kalevanpuisto school building also provides physiotherapy for pupils at the Annala, Karonen, Kaukajärvi, Kaarila and Rahola schools.

Physiotherapy at Sammonkoulu
Telephone 040 801 6811
Sairaalankatu 6 A
33100 Tampere
Liisanpuisto school building also provides physiotherapy for pupils at the Saukonpuisto school.

Pupils in other schools

Appointment booking and guidance for rehabilitation services:

  • Telephone 03 5657 8800
  • Open: Mon - Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13

You will be given a physiotherapy appointment in the nearest physiotherapy unit if possible. Regional contact information for physiotherapy

Online booking for physiotherapy for schoolchildren aged 7 to 17 

Requires a referral from a doctor or public health nurse. 

Requires authentication.

Updated 16.6.2022