The boy enjoys the motion of the swing in occupational therapy.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is medical rehabilitation that promotes and maintains the patient’s functional capacity.

Children’s occupational therapy

Children’s occupational therapy helps your family when your child’s development is delayed or suspected to have been delayed. Occupational therapists assess the child’s capabilities and coping with daily life and the need for rehabilitation. Occupational therapy can be arranged individually or in a group. Occupational therapy takes place at a therapist’s clinic, day-care centre, special needs school or the child’s home.

Children need a referral for the service. You can get a referral from the child health clinic or school doctor, for example.

Once you have a doctor’s referral, schedule an occupational therapy assessment for the child. You can book an appointment by calling the centralised booking of rehabilitation services. You will get an appointment to either Tammelakeskus or Tipotie social and health centre. If a rehabilitation plan has been made for your child, bring it to the assessment visit. Children’s occupational therapy is free of charge.

Contact information

Children’s occupational therapy, Tipotie
Telephone 040 806 4735, advice and guidance: Mon - Fri 12–13
Telephone 03 5657 8800, appointments: Mon - Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13
Tipotie Social and Health Care Centre (3rd floor, wing D)
Tipotie 4
33230 Tampere

Children’s occupational therapy, Tammelakeskus
Telephone 040 806 4735, advice and guidance: Mon - Fri 12–13
Telephone 03 5657 8800, appointments: Mon - Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13
Tammelakeskuksen Health Centre (4th floor)
Itsenäisyydenkatu 21 B
33500 Tampere

Adults’ occupational therapy

Adults’ occupational therapy finds methods that help you take care of yourself and cope with tasks related to housekeeping, work and leisure despite limitations in your functional capacity. The occupational therapist assesses your need for rehabilitation and your functional capacity in everyday situations. If necessary, your family member or assistant will receive guidance on rehabilitative assistance.

You will primarily be referred to occupational therapy by a doctor.

The occupational therapist will assess your needs for small assistive equipment and give you advice on how to use them.

Occupational therapy takes place at a clinic, at your home or during visits to a place agreed with you. Occupational therapy services are subject to a fee for people aged 18 or over.

Contact information

Adults’ occupational therapy
Tursonkatu 4 (2nd floor)
33540 Tampere
Appointment booking and guidance through the centralised booking of rehabilitation services: telephone 03 5657 8800, Mon - Thurs 8–15, Fri 8–13

Client fees (people over 18)

  • Individual counselling and therapy visit: EUR 11.40 per visit
  • Home visit: EUR 12 per visit
Updated 16.6.2022