A man repairs a wheelchair in the assistive equipment service.

Assistive equipment service


Tursonkatu 4 33540 Tampere
Monday 09:00–16:00
Tuesday 09:00–16:00
Wednesday 09:00–18:00
Thursday 09:00–16:00
Friday 09:00–14:00

You can contact the Assistive equipment unit by phone or by e-mail.

Phone: 03 5657286, Mon, Tues and Thurs 8–16, Wed 8–18 and Fri 9–14.

- General e-mail: apuvalineyksikko(at)tampere.fi
- Maintenance: apuvalinehuolto(at)tampere.fi
- Physiotherapists: apuvalinearviointi(at)tampere.fi 

The assistive equipment service lends, maintains and repairs assistive devices and equipment. To borrow assistive equipment, you need to have a physiotherapist’s assessment of your need for a piece of assistive equipment.

You can borrow assistive equipment if you are over 16 years old, living in Tampere and your functional capacity has become worse due to illness, disability or ageing. You can borrow assistive equipment free of charge for a fixed period or based on your needs. When you do not need a piece of assistive equipment any more, return it to the assistive equipment service.

If your assistive equipment needs simple maintenance or repair, you can bring it to the assistive equipment service for maintenance without an appointment. For more demanding modifications and repairs, always contact the assistive equipment service first.

Assistive equipment that you can borrow include: 

  • mobility aids such as forearm crutches, wheelchairs and walkers
  • equipment related to hygiene and daily activities, such as shower chairs and toilet seat raisers
  • various types of braces, such as wrist, back and knee braces
  • assistive equipment that requires individual assessment (lifting equipment, home care beds)
Updated 9.8.2022