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Dental and oral health

Appointments for oral health care

Appointment by phone

You can book an appointment at the dental clinic or for dental x-rays by calling 03 5657 0100 Mon–Fri, 8–17. The urgency of your need for treatment is assessed during the call.
In non-urgent matters, you can leave a call-back request Mon–Fri, 9–12. Call-back requests will be returned as soon as possible.

Notice! Tesoma dental clinic clients over 18 years of age can book an appointment by calling 040 500 0990 Mon–Fri, 8–16. You can leave a call-back request at this number.

Online services for oral health care

In online services, you can check, cancel or transfer your own appointments and appointments for your children under the age of 15. You can also book an appointment for:

  • urgent dental or orthodontic first aid
  • an assessment of the need for care by an oral hygienist who will refer you to a dentist’s examination if necessary
  • periodic oral health check-ups for children and young people and their appointments based on individual need

In online services, you can update your contact information and fill in a preliminary information form: this will speed up your appointment visit because the information you enter will be transferred directly to the patient information system.

Log in to with your online banking ID, electronic ID card or a mobile certificate. 
The service works best with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 

If you cannot make it to your booked appointment, cancel or move it at least 24 hours before the scheduled time, either by calling centralised booking at 03 5657 0100 or by using the online service. Persons aged 18 and over can be charged a fee of EUR 51,50 for not arriving at a booked appointment.

Urgent dental care

Patients requiring urgent care by a dentist are treated at the Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta dental emergency clinic (building K, entrance through the same door as Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta, Ensitie 8).

You will be referred to urgent dental care in certain cases including:  

  • Bad ache with no help from painkillers (ache makes it impossible to sleep)
  • General symptoms (e.g. elevated temperature) and moderate swelling in the mouth and jaw area
  • Mouth will not open or close
  • Heavy bleeding after a procedure such as having a tooth taken out
  • Accidents where a permanent tooth has fallen out or become loose. A fallen out tooth has to be kept in milk or the mouth, do not clean the fallen out tooth.

Appointments for urgent dental care

  • weekdays Mon–Fri, 8–17, call 03 5657 0111
  • weekday nights 17–21, weekends and public holidays 8–21, call 03 5657 0023
  • treatment is available at night only when it cannot be postponed to the following morning due to medical reasons. Patients are referred through Tays Accident and Emergency Department Acuta.

In less urgent situations (such as mild pain, ache or problems with prostheses), patients are treated at the city’s dental clinics or at outsourced service providers’ clinics on weekdays.

Appointments are booked by telephone at 03 5657 0100 Mon–Fri, 8–17 or in the online services for oral health care, or by directly contacting an outsourced service provider.

You can receive service in the city’s dental clinics and private dental clinics

The City of Tampere has made partner agreements with certain private dental clinics. These partners provide both urgent and non-urgent oral health care services to clients aged 18 or over. The fees charged for dental services provided by our partners are the same as the fees at the city’s dental clinics.

Clients are referred to outsourced services from the city’s dental clinics, when booking an appointment by phone or in the online service.

Updated 19.5.2022