Disability care

Services for disabled people

The Tampere disability service office helps you when you need information about services that you can get because of your disability or illness. We will support and guide you so that you can cope as independently as possible at home and outside the home.

You can receive services and benefits intended for people with disabilities if you have a long-term disability or illness and if the city’s basic services are not enough to support your everyday living. A long-term disability or illness is one that lasts at least one year. Your salary or assets or other such things do not affect your access to services and benefits.

Here are some services you might need:

  • support for housing
  • assistance for making alterations or adding assistive devices to your apartment
  • personal assistance
  • help with mobility or a transport service
  • support for informal care
  • daytime activities or work activities

What do I do when I need services for the disabled?

In order to receive disability services, you have to submit an application. The application must be accompanied by a statement from a physician, physiotherapist or another expert. The statement has to describe the disability or long-term illness and how it impacts your daily life. If you need help making an application, you can either call or send an e-mail to the disability service office.

Contact us!

If you are a new customer or need general guidance and advice, please contact Kotitori: tel. 03 5656 5700, Mon - Fri 8 - 16.30

If you are already a client of disability services of Tampere or have submitted an application, please contact the Disability service office: tel. 040 159 8379, Mon - Tue, Thu - Fri 9 - 10 and Wed 15 - 17.
- The number has a call que service. If you like, you can leave a call-back request and we will call you back during the phone service hours.  

At the disability service office, you will receive help from social workers and social counsellors.