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Pupil welfare

Pupil welfare promotes the well-being of the pupil by work that is done by all members of the school community. All of the schools that provide basic education have their own pupil welfare teams that meet at regular intervals. In their meetings the team discusses matters that concern the well-being of a pupil or a whole class. The student welfare team also coordinates and develops the school's work in order to promote the pupils' well-being and to take their special needs into consideration in everyday school work.

A pupil welfare team consists of the head teacher or a person authorised by the head teacher, a special teacher, a school nurse, a guidance counsellor (in grades 7-9), the class teacher, or the teacher involved, depending on the matter in question. The team is complemented, if possible, by a school psychologist, a school social worker or a school doctor.

School social workers and school psychologists

Pupils in basic education along with their parents and teachers are entitled to conversational support and expert consultation on request from the school social workers and school psychologists. Matters needing consultation can be, for instance, learning and concentration difficulties, problems with schoolmates, problems in behaviour, neglecting schoolwork, bullying, matters concerning the mental health of the pupil and acute crises connected to the pupil attending school. Solutions to these problems are always found by joint effort. The services of the school social worker and school psychologists are confidential and free of charge.

The school social workers and school psychologists have their offices in certain schools. The school social workers and school psychologists work regularly in all schools in their remit. All the schools in Tampere belong to a remit of a school social worker or a school psychologist.

School social workers and school psychologists are also members of the pupil welfare team of the school. The parents can, if needed, directly contact the school psychologist or school social worker to make an appointment with them.

Chief of special services Leena Salonen Tel. 040 766 3403

Head of school psychologists Raija Antikainen Tel. 040 801 6689

Hanna Gråsten-Salonen Tel. 050 595 0974