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School Year and Holidays

A school year is composed of autumn and spring term. During the school year, there are autumn, winter (and Easter) holidays in addition to summer holidays. Instruction is given weekly from Monday to Friday. There is no school on Saturdays except on the final days of the autumn and spring term.

Dates of the current and upcoming school year

General information on basic education

Basic education is obligatory for all 7-16 -year-olds in Finland. This means, in practice, that all children are obliged to complete comprehensive school. All pupils in Finland are equal and entitled to a safe learning environment.

All instruction given is based on core curricula. It is up to the teacher to choose the methods of instruction and studying on the basis of the core curriculum. The school facilities and classrooms, as well as the number of pupils in the class, have an impact on the planning and arrangements of instruction. Large classes can be divided into two smaller teaching groups, and it is possible to have the help of a school assistant.

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Preparatory instruction

All comprehensive-school-age children, i.e. 7-16 -year-olds, whose knowledge of the Finnish language is not adequate enough to participate in teaching in basic education are entitled to preparatory instruction.

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School rules are available in English on request only

Morning and afternoon activities

Morning and afternoon activities (before and after school activities) are designed for pupils in grades 1–2. All pupils in special education from pre-primary to grade 9 are offered afternoon club activities that are specially designed for them.

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