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Summertime 2019 extra free of charge period in daycare

The Education and Culture Committee of the City of Tampere has decided on the children’s daycare services in the summer of 2019. Our clients can choose a period of absence from daycare and get June and July free of charge in exchange. The period of absence has to be eight full consecutive cal-endar weeks between 3.6. − 18.8.2019.

Summertime extra free of charge period is not available for children who are transferring to first grade in fall 2019. These children may terminate their daycare service when the need for service to end.

Daycare will be provided throughout summer for those who need it. Daycare will be arranged in se-lected on-call daycare centers between 1.7. − 4.8.2019. Guidelines for enrollment for summertime on-call daycare will be given separately.

Clients will receive enrollment instructions by Helmi-message on April 10th 2019. In private daycare centers instructions will be send by e-mail.

To be eligible for the free of charge June and July, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Daycare has started before 1.9.2018. If you have used the daycare place guarantee,
    the service preceding the guarantee period must have started before 1.9.2018.
  • The family has enrolled for the summertime extra free of charge period during the enrolling pe-riod of 16.4. – 29.4.2019. Enrolling has to be done in written form, preferably using the early education online service (hyperlink below, available only in Finnish). If necessary, paper forms will also be available in Finnish and in English in daycare centers.
  • The child can not use daycare during the enrolled eight (8) full consecutive calendar weeks of absence during 3.6. – 18.8.2019.
  • Daycare service has to last until the end of the chosen period of absence. This means that children who are transferring to pre-school with club activities have to choose a period of
    absence that ends before the start of the next school year on 9.8.2019.
    These children may terminate their daycare service when the need for service ends.

If you want to enroll for an eight-week period of absence, use the following link (only in Finnish) or a paper form available in English.

If the child is unable to have an eight week period of absence between 3.6. – 18.8.2018, July will still be free of charge, if the daycare service has begun before 1.9.2018. In 2019 July is free of charge also for pre-school aged children who have attended after preschool daycare or club activities, need daycare in summertime and the continuous service has started before 1.9.2018.

In other cases of absence the Act on Client Fees of Early Childhood Education (1503/2016) 9 §
concerning the client fees during periods of absence will be used. This means that if a child is absent from daycare for a full calendar month, half of the normal daycare fee is charged for that month. Absences due to illness that are at least 11 days long (within a calendar month) will yield a 50 % discount on client fee for that month. Absences due to illness that last a full calendar month will result in no client fee charged for that month.

For more information contact the daycare client fee service: 040 180 8476 (mon − fri 9 − 11)

[email protected]