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Application and client fee

Bulletin of Daycare Fees

Customers of daycare services can now provide their documents of income through our web service. You need to use the electrical access codes of your bank before you can reach the web service. It is possible to upload four income documents from each parent so as total it is possible to upload eight income documents. Documents that are uploaded can be in pdf-format or as picture files.

If there have been any change in the family, please contact Asiakasmaksut so that these changes can be saved in the client database. Customer information needs to be up to date in the client database before income documents can be uploaded. You can contact Asiakasmaksut by e-mail asiakasmaksut.paivahoito(at) or by calling 040 180 8476, Mon - Fri 9.00 - 11.00 AM.

The City of Tampere is soon beginning to use a sms-service so that income information of daycare customers and client fees stay up to date. The daycare fees are first verified of those families whose income documents are approximately two years old. In the future this verifying process happens in a shorter time frame so that daycare client fees are verified annually.

Our client database system sends automatically text messages and e-mails to those families whose income information is out of date. We kindly ask you to provide your latest income documents within 14 days after receiving the first message. If the income documents are not provided within 14 days, the system sends a second text message and an e-mail. If the latest income documents are not delivered within 7 days of receiving the second message, your daycare client fee will be verified as the highest daycare fee. (Law on Client fees of early education § 5, 1503/2016)


Application for care in a day care centre or in family care can be made throughout the year. The application should be made four months before the expected starting date of day care.

If the need for day care cannot be anticipated due to employment, studies or training, application has to be made as soon as possible and no later two weeks before the child actually needs the place.

The application period for places in day care and club activities available in Tampere in the autumn 2018 is 5th - 18th March 2018. Day care places for the autumn can also be applied for in other municipalities of the region.

To apply for day care either in a day care centre or in the family day care, play clubs, play schools and open day care, please send your application via your web browser: Electronic application form for day care

If you wish to make a written application, fill in the form below on screen and print it, or print an empty form and fill it manually. The application form cannot be sent electrically. The form must be sent to the address that is in the application form.

Children under school age participate in legal preschool education one year before compulsory shcool education. Legal preschool education is organized by the municipal authority. More information:

School children’s morning and afternoon activities are managed by the Tampere City Department for Day Care and Basic Education. Information about clubs and vacant places in clubs is available from the department, tel. 03 5656 5191. More information:

Client fee

For a child’s day care, a monthly fee based on the family’s gross income is charged (289 euros/month maximum).

Concerning preschool education no fee is charged, but if the child needs day care at the end of daily preschool education (4 hours per day), a fee is determined according to the longest daily care time.

In day care fee issues, it is recommended to contact the Customer service unit of day care or the director of a given day care centre (For example, when requesting a rebate in case of several children).

Early Childhood and Preschool Education Customer Service

Opening hours of the office: Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm

33101 Tampere