You can receive invoices from the City of Tampere as e-invoices and now in a digital mail service

Customers of the City of Tampere can receive invoices electronically either as e-invoices or via the digital mail service Kivra. The digital mail service is a new alternative channel for receiving invoices from the city alongside the e-invoice option offered by banks.

The City of Tampere sends approximately 250,000 invoices each year, and only one third of them are operated electronically as e-invoices. This causes unnecessary costs and burdens the nature. For instance, sending an e-invoice to a customer is 25% cheaper than sending a paper invoice.

- By diversifying electronic invoice delivery methods for our customers, we hope to reduce the number of paper invoices. Electronic invoicing supports the city’s ecological operating method and carbon neutrality goal, says Jukka Männikkö, Financial Director.

The customer can handle payments in the digital mail service Kivra and also have their important everyday documents, such as invoices from the city or event tickets from several different sources, in the same place. You can activate the service for free either by downloading the application from your phone’s app store or on a computer at

- We are building a safe and accessible Kivra digital mail in Finland. Invoices delivered as digital mail reach their recipient quickly and safely. The service is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to deliver mail, explains Noora King, Senior Sales and Account Manager at Kivra.

Kivra came to Finland from Sweden, where more than 5.7 million Swedes use it. In Finland, you can receive mail in the digital mail service from approximately 40,000 companies and organisations from all sectors, from telecommunications operators to energy companies, wellbeing services counties and cities.

You need a e-invoicing agreement

In order for the customer to receive e-invoices from the city, they must conclude an invoicing agreement either in their own online bank or at the bank’s office. You can get all invoices as either direct payments or e-invoices once you conclude an invoicing agreement with the ID Tampereen kaupunki/laskut (City of Tampere/invoices). In case of an e-invoicing authorisation, the customer number and personal identity code must belong to the same person.

Monetra Pirkanmaa Oy is responsible for the practical implementation of the invoicing of the City of Tampere. The Monetra Group, which mainly provides financial and personnel administration services, is a non-profit in-house company owned by cities, including Tampere, Oulu, Kuopio and Jyväskylä.

Text: Raija Lindell
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