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20.10.2022 15.37

Influenza vaccinations can also be obtained from Hatanpää without an appointment from 24 October 2022

From Monday 24 October 2022, influenza vaccinations can also be obtained without an appointment from the Hatanpää vaccination unit. At the same visit, it is also possible to obtain a coronavirus booster vaccine. The groups to be vaccinated include persons aged 65 or over, those aged 18 or over who belong to risk groups and those with severe immune deficiencies aged 12 or over.

Vaccination can be obtained without an appointment from the Hatanpää vaccination unit on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 and on Tuesday and Wednesday from 13:30 to 17:30. The walk-in line will remain open for the time being until the majority of influenza vaccinations for this season have been administered. The Hatanpää vaccination unit is located at Hatanpäänkatu 24 C.

Depending on the availability of vaccines, they will be available without an appointment. If the demand exceeds availability, the administration of vaccines on the walk-line must be temporarily suspended. Any interruptions will be announced on the city's social media channels.

As before, both influenza vaccinations and coronavirus booster vaccines will also be available by appointment at Hatanpää vaccination unit and, from 24 October 2022, at health stations. Vaccination appointments at health stations can already be booked. Vaccinations at child health clinics, school and student health care services as well as at home care and housing services will begin in November. It is recommended that people over the age of 65 take an influenza vaccine only in November, as the effectiveness of the vaccine will decline faster among them than among young people, and vaccine protection should continue to be effective until the influenza season next spring. 

Influenza Vaccinations

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