The City of Tampere saves in costs and encourages energy saving with the “Down a degree” campaign

The City of Tampere participates in the nationwide “Down a degree” energy saving campaign and encourages everyone to participate in energy saving both at home and in the workplace. Over the coming weeks, the campaign will be shown on trolley and bus info screens, on info boards in the city’s public spaces and on the city’s social media. The campaign pages contain information and tips on energy saving and economical energy consumption. The City of Tampere has already started to reduce energy consumption, fighting the threat of energy shortage by saving, for example, on space heating and lighting.

As the most significant measure, the temperature of properties will be lowered by an average of 1.5 degrees, i.e. to around 20 degrees. Adjustments are made to properties gradually, and the user may not notice the change. Users are instructed to take the change into account in clothing, if necessary. The temperature will not be reduced in buildings that provide services for the elderly or disabled or in daycare centres, for example.  Ventilation will be adjusted more precisely according to usage times, without impairing the indoor air quality.

Energy is also used to maintain sports facilities. As an energy-saving measure, the frost limit for the maintenance heating of outdoor sports fields will be lowered from -10 degrees so that when the temperature is over five degrees below zero, heating power will no longer be increased.

The freezing of the Koulukatu field and Sorsapuisto field, on the other hand, will only be started when the average daily temperature is under +2 degrees. Previously, freezing was started when the temperature was +5 degrees.The use of saunas at indoor swimming pools will be limited so that every second sauna will be out of use.

The Festival of Light end with Epiphany

The Festival of Light will end with Epiphany on 8 January 2023, i.e. earlier than in the previous years, excluding the Light Gallery, which will continue until 12 March 2023. The energy consumption of the Festival of Light has decreased significantly, thanks to LED technology and the replacement of lights.

The light curtains of Hämeenkatu, the posts of Hatanpäänvaltatie and Tammerkoski, which bring light to the Festival of Light, are fixed installations, so their use will be continued all year round after consideration.

The burning times of the street lights will also be adjusted more precisely than before. At this point, no major changes will be made in addition to the energy-saving adjustments already made, though the morning switch-off times of street lights may be adjusted somewhat more.

The city analysed its energy consumption as background information for the saving measures, which complement already implemented and ongoing energy efficiency measures, such as ensuring the good energy efficiency of new construction and renovations. About 65 percent of the lighting network has already been changed to energy-efficient lighting, and lighting control has been developed. 

The city activates its personnel to participate in voluntary energy saving efforts. It also prepares for energy supply disturbances and interruptions in its operations.


National campaign website:

Website of the City of Tampere (in Finnish)


Further information

Petri Mölsä
Tampereen Tilapalvelut Oy Chief executive officer
Jouni Perttula
City of Tampere Risk Management and Security Manager
040 196 6512
Text: Anna-Leea Hyry
Photos: Laura Happo
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