Influenza vaccinations will begin in October – COVID-19 booster shots for 65-year-olds and risk groups in the same appointment

Influenza vaccinations will be given by appointment, starting from 10 October 2022 at the Hatanpää vaccination unit and from 24 October 2022 at the health centres in Tampere and Orivesi. Influenza vaccinations will start in November in child health clinics, school health care, student health care, home care and housing services.

However, people over the age of 65 should not rush to get an influenza vaccination in October.

“People over the age of 65 should be patient and wait for the vaccine until November, unless it is announced that the flu season is starting exceptionally early. The protection provided by the vaccine can fade over months, especially in senior citizens, and it is good that its effectiveness lasts for as long as possible into the spring,” says epidemiologist Sirpa Räsänen from the City of Tampere.

Who gets the free influenza vaccination?

Influenza vaccinations are offered free of charge to people whose health would be in serious jeopardy by the influenza or who will receive substantial health benefits from being vaccinated:

  • social and health care staff and people working in the provision of medicines, and students who participate in the immediate care of customers or maintenance 
  • pregnant women
  • children under 7
  • all aged 65 or above
  • people who are at risk because of their illness or care
  • family members of persons particularly susceptible to serious influenza
  • individuals who live or reside for long periods in institutional conditions
  • individuals starting their mandatory or voluntary military service

If you are not part of a group that receives the influenza vaccine free of charge, you can buy it yourself. You can order a seasonal influenza vaccine prescription either by calling your own health centre or using the online service. You can find more information on ordering a prescription from the Influenza vaccinations page.

Booking of vaccination appointments

You must book an appointment for the influenza vaccination given at Hatanpää's vaccination unit (Hatanpäänkatu 24 C) and health centres. Appointments can already be booked. 

You can book an appointment by phone via the number 03 5657 0023 (every day 7 a.m.–10 p.m.). Orivesi residents can also call the health centre’s appointment number 03 5657 5777 (Mon–Fri 12 midday–1 p.m.). 

You can book an appointment online by using the appointment booking service: Book an appointment for the influenza vaccination (in Finnish, requires authentication). Select “rokotusaika” (vaccination appointment) in the online appointment booking service when you want to book an appointment for influenza and/or COVID-19 vaccination (Note that influenza vaccinations start at the Hatanpää vaccination unit on 10 October 2022 and at health centres on 24 October 2022).

COVID-19 booster shots for 65-year-olds and risk groups in the same appointment as influenza vaccinations

This autumn, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) recommends a new COVID-19 booster shot for all those aged 65 or over, those aged 18 or over in medical risk groups and those aged 12 or over with severe immunodeficiency. You can get the booster shot during the same appointment as the influenza vaccination. In other words, to get both vaccines, you only need to book one vaccination appointment. 

If you are over 65 years old or belong to a risk group, and only want to get the COVID-19 booster shot, this can be done, starting on 3 October 2022, at the Hatanpää vaccination unit or by appointment at a health centre. A person belonging to these groups can get a booster shot when at least three months have passed since the previous vaccination or infection, regardless of how many vaccines they have previously received or how many times they have contracted COVID-19.

A new variant vaccine that protects against the omicron virus is primarily used as the COVID-19 booster shot. The new variant vaccine can also be received by those aged 60–64 who have not yet had the recommended four doses when vaccines and infections are added together. Those aged 18–59 who have not yet acquired the recommended three doses when vaccines and infections are added together can also receive a booster shot.

Home care customers will receive vaccines through home care.

Influenza vaccination at child welfare clinics and in schools and student health services will start in November

Pregnant women and children under school age will receive the influenza vaccine at child welfare clinics. Schoolchildren and students who are entitled to a free vaccination will primarily be vaccinated by the school or student health services.

Influenza vaccination at child welfare clinics and in schools and student health services will start in November. You can get the vaccine during a normal visit or by appointment. There may also be pop-up events, which will be announced later. In schools and educational institutions, the public health nurse will communicate influenza vaccination dates via Wilma (an electronic communication system between home and school), as well as when appointments can be booked online.

In connection with the coronavirus vaccinations of children aged 5–11 years (in the Hatanpää vaccination unit), children belonging to a risk group will have the opportunity to receive an influenza vaccination at the same time.

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