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11.8.2022 13.25
Renovated Pispala school on a sunny day.
The renovation of Pispala school has been completed.

Renovated facilities at Pispala School commissioned

Day care and school construction are busy at work in Tampere. In Pispala, the school's renovation work has been completed, and the school facilities were commissioned at the beginning of the school year on 10 August, 2022. New day care centres and schools are also being built around the city.

In the Pispala School renovation, the facilities originally built in 1915, 1922 and 1943 and last renovated in 1984, have been modernised.

The renovation work has been carried out in accordance with the school's old style, for example by restoring furniture and original doors. The basic organisation of the school facilities has remained largely unchanged. Pre-school and primary education facilities are focussed on the first floor. 

School health care and student welfare services are located on the second floor. The largest classrooms have been modified to suit small group activities. In addition, a lift and additional toilets have been built for Pispala School.

After the improvements, Pispala School has facilities for approximately 260 pupils in basic education. Pre-school facilities are available for 50 pupils.

Renovation of Ikuri and Vellamo day care centres completed

The renovations of Ikuri Day Care Centre and Vellamo Day Care Centre in Tammela have also been completed. Ikuri Day Care Centre, located on Maamiehentie, will be commissioned in August 2022. Going forward, its name will be Myllypuro Day Care Centre. The day care centre has been completely renovated along with its courtyard areas, furniture and equipment to meet modern day care use. The day care centre offers facilities for up to 80 children.

A new building is currently being built on Virontörmänkatu in Ikuri for Ikuri Day Care Centre and Ikuri School. According to the plan, the building will be commissioned in one year’s time, in August 2023, when it will replace the current Ikuri school building and Mylläri and Länsi-Tesoma day care centres. There will be room for 160 children in the new day care centre and for 150 pupils (preschool education and grades 1 to 2) in the school.

In Tammela, the renovation of Vellamo Day Care Centre has been completed and the building will be commissioned in August 2022 on Aaltosenkatu. In the renovation, the building with its equipment and furniture, as well as the courtyard area, have been updated into a modern day care centre. Vellamo has facilities for a total of about 60 children. 

Leinola Day Care Centre is currently under renovation. The day care centre will be completed in spring 2023. 

In August-September 2022, Tahmela Day Care Centre will move to the temporary facilities previously occupied by Pispala School, located on the Hyhky School field. Tahmela Day Care Centre, built in 1962, is planned to be dismantled and in its place, a new day care centre is expected to be completed in 2025. The current building of Tahmela Day Care Centre has been suffering from weak indoor air conditions, which is why at this stage, the day care activities are already moving to temporary facilities. 

The day care centres of Lintulampi and Iidesranta have been abandoned in the summer of 2022. A new day care centre in Lielahti was introduced in August 2021, and a new service voucher day care centre will be opened in Niemenranta in August 2022. Iidesranta Day Care Centre is small and is currently no longer suitable for day care activities.

The construction of Sampo School and Day Care Centre will continue until the end of the year

Work on the expansion of Sampo School and new construction of the day care centre are underway. Sampo School and Day Care Centre will be commissioned at the beginning of the year 2023.

The construction of Etelä-Hervanta Day Care Centre and School continues on Mekaniikan polku. The new building will be commissioned in August 2023. It will have facilities for grades 1 to 9, preschool education and early childhood education. The school facilities are designed for a total of about 1,300 pupils in pre-school and basic education, while the day care facilities are for 160 children. The building will also include facilities for oral health services. 

Etelä-Hervanta School was moved to temporary facilities at the Hervanta campus of Tampere University in autumn 2018. The school will abandon the Pelipuisto facilities once the new building is commissioned.

The renovation also progresses in Messukylä School, where the next stage, Building 2, will be commissioned in January 2023. After this, the final stage of the renovation of Messukylä School, i.e. the renovation of the Stone School, begins. The construction of the Stone School will be completed at the end of 2023 and the building will be commissioned at the beginning of 2024.

The construction of Eteläpuisto School and Day Care Centre begins in the autumn

The construction of the new Eteläpuisto School and Day Care Centre begins on Koulukatu in autumn 2022. The building will be commissioned no later than August 2024. The building will offer early childhood education facilities for 120 children and 150 pre-school and primary education pupils (grades 1 to 2).
The renovation of the property in Pyynikintie 2, which has previously been used by educational institutions, has started.  The property will have permanent temporary facilities for basic education and permanent premises for upper secondary school education.
A new day care centre will be built in Messukylä, which will be commissioned in January 2024. At the same time, the old Messukylä day care centre will be abandoned.

The two school buildings of Hyhky School are being renovated. The school will be commissioned in August 2023. The school is designed for 200 pupils in basic education and 50 pupils in pre-school education. One of the buildings will also include facilities for school health care. The school's temporary facilities will be removed once the renovation is completed. 

Kissanmaa School is also undergoing a major renovation, the construction of which is planned to start in March 2023 and the premises will be completed in October 2024. Kissanmaa School will use the expansion premises of Sampo School as temporary facilities once the expansion is completed.

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Director of Basic Education Ulla-Maija Ojalammi
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Head Teacher Petri Peltonen
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Director of Basic Education Ville Raatikainen
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Early childhood education, south-southeast Head of Services Tanja Moisala
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Early childhood education, centre-northeast Head of Services Heli Rautanen
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Early childhood education, centre-west Head of Services Pia Mikkola
050 468 2922
Text: Johanna Toivanen
Photos: Laura Happo
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