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8.8.2022 15.30
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Winter season starts in public transport

Nysse's winter season starts on Monday, August 8, 2022 and ends on Sunday, June 4, 2023. Some route changes have been made to some of the bus lines and the service offering has been revised. Decisions about the winter season service have been made at the Tampere Region Public Transport Board on January 26, 2022.

Lines 39, 44 and 47, which were on summer break, will return to traffic as soon as the season starts. Lines 37, 37X, 46, 46J, 49, 56U, 57U, 67, 75U, 85U, 86, 86X, 87U and 96U, which are tailored for schoolchildren, will not start their service until elementary schools start on August 10, 2022.

The service during peak hours has been improved on lines 33, 35 and 38. The service of bus line 10 on Sundays has also been improved. The supply has been reduced based on the number of passengers on lines 12 and 37. On line 37, the schedules planned for the needs of school children will be operated as before.

The timetables can be found in Nysse's Journey Planner and timetable service. Timetables are not available in pre-printed form, but if necessary, you can print them yourself from Nysse's website or request them for a fee from Nysse's customer service (€1/timetable per line).

Route changes

The route of lines 9 and 19 will move from Hämeenpuisto to Pyynikintori and Sepänkatu when the tram works are completed in the area. There will be stops on Sepänkatu called Savilinna.

The route of line 15A changes between Peltolammi and Vihilahti. The route will run through Lakalaiva and Taatala. The change will improve schoolchildren's connections from South Tampere to the Taatala office in Hatanpää Secondary School. The route of line 15B remains the same.

The route of line 16 changes as section Hakametsä - Tays - Kauppi campus is off. The route will run from Takahuhti through Irjala to Kauppi campus (Tays Central Hospital) with the current operating offer. The Kauppi campus has a connection to the tram 1.

The route section Ruutana - Suinula - Perälä will be excluded from line 28. The change will improve the scheduling certainty of line 28. The replacement connection from Ruutana to Suinula is on line 46.

The Pirkkala terminus of lines 30 and 31 will move from Nuoliala to Partola. In this way, Härmälä and Pere have a better connection to Partola's services.

The new line 32 will start operating between Tays Central Hospital and Hakametsä. The route goes around the entire Tays area, starting from the Arvo building to the main building, continuing through Kissanmaa, Uusikylä, Huikas and Takahuhti school to Messukylä and further to Hakametsä. There is an connection to tram 3 in Hakametsä. The line runs every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday.

The route of line 41 will continue from the center of Kangasala to Mobilia. The change will improve Huutijärvi's public transport connections. Line 40B only runs to Huutijärvi and Mobilia on weekends.

Line 40D starts on the route Mobilia - Tiihala - Huutijärvi - Kangasala - Tampere. Line 40C has been operating between Kangasala station, Metsäkulma, Tursola and the center of Kangasala since summer season 2022.

The routes of lines 50 and 52A will change in Lempäälä. The departure station and terminus of line 50 is in Lempäälä. Line 52A continues to Haurala. Line 52B will continue to operate to Laasonportti as before.

The route of line 58 changes. The bus offers better connections to the work area of Lempäälä Ideapark during everyday peak hours. New route: Hervanta - Orivedenkatu - Tieteenkatu - Hervannan valtaväylä - Ruskonkehä - Sääksjärvi - Tampereentie - Kuljuntie - Helsingintie - Areenakatu - Kalliokummuntie - Marjamäentie - Ideaparkinkatu - Ideapark

The Tampere terminus of lines 72 and 82 will move from Tuulensuu to Pyynikintori. The lines run through Sepänkatu instead of Hämeenpuisto.

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