City of Tampere receives Vuoden rakennuttaja 2022 award for property development

The City of Tampere has won the Vuoden rakennuttaja 2022 award for property development. In recent years, Tampere has successfully completed several demanding urban development and infrastructure projects. The success is a result of exceptional preparation, sufficient resourcing and extensive project organisation competence. Many of these projects are shining examples of seamless cooperation between public and private sector operators.
Milko Tietäväinen, Virpi Ekholm ja Aleksi Jäntti.
The annual Vuoden rakennuttaja award for property development, which was awarded to the City of Tampere in 2022, was accepted by Construction Director Milko Tietäväinen, Real Estate Director Virpi Ekholm and Deputy Mayor Aleksi Jäntti.

In recent years, several demanding construction projects, such as Tampere Tram, Nokia Arena and urban infill development and neighbourhood construction projects, have been completed and are currently being carried out successfully. The projects have shaped the cityscape in a positive way and laid the foundation for new investments.

The keys to succeeding in the construction projects have been the support of the entire city organisation in the projects, sufficient resourcing, the use of various methods of implementation and good management. Stakeholder communications and communicating on the projects’ impact on the organisation of traffic have seen considerable investments in the projects.

Extensive infrastructure projects involve various stakeholders and customer parties, whose needs have been recognised in the project development and construction of Tampere. In particular, the city has succeeded in producing value for its customers, managing the customer experience and managing the projects. Many of the projects also constitute a prime example of seamless cooperation between public and private sector operators.

- Tampere is the City of Action. Planning has always been a part of this. It is wonderful to see that our goal-oriented, long-term efforts working on our construction projects have been recognised in this way, says Milko Tietäväinen, Construction Director of the City of Tampere.

The City of Tampere seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, and the environmental effects of construction projects are also carefully considered. The city’s project development companies have integrated circular economy and low-carbon solutions into the projects, which has show in concrete terms in the development of Hiedanranta, for example. The City of Tampere has previously been awarded as a promoter of wood construction.

In addition, a lot of work is being done to promote the digitalisation of construction in Tampere, for example, through development programmes and data model development.

The Vuoden rakennuttaja property development award

The recipient of the Vuoden rakennuttaja award is selected by the Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients, and the annual award has been awarded since 2007. The property developer acts as the commissioner in the construction projects, and it is the demands and competence of the commissioner upon which the functionality of the finished building is based. The annual Vuoden rakennuttaja award’s criteria emphasise exemplary operations and adherence to good construction etiquette. In order to receive the award, the property developer must have a firm grasp on the requirements of sustainable development and the application of various property development methods. There is also great emphasis on participation in development and education work and satisfying the needs of the customers.

Previous recipients of the award include Finavia, Etera, SOK, Järvenpään Mestariasunnot, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the University of Helsinki, Helsingin kaupungin asuntotuotantotoimisto ATT, the City of Lahti, Sponda Ltd, Pirjo Honkaniemi, Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, Kesko Corporation, Ilmarinen and HOAS.

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