Fourth COVID-19 vaccination is now recommended also for persons aged 70 years and older who are not able to manage at home without aid

The persons aged 70 and older who are in home care or informal care or cannot manage at home by themselves without aid due to their decreased ability to function will now be able to get a fourth COVID-19 vaccination in Tampere and Orivesi. Additionally, a fourth vaccination is recommended for persons aged 70 or older for whom assistance for being able to manage at home is already being considered, meaning that it would be assumed they would not be able to manage at home in case they become ill.

The need for help must be based on care, not, for instance, merely on the use of cleaning services or grocery home deliveries. Assistance can be provided by a public or private provider or, for example, a relative.

In the case of informal care, the recommendation for a fourth vaccination only applies to the cared-for person aged 70 or older, not the informal carer.

The fourth vaccine dose may be given 3 to 4 months after the third vaccination. For now, persons who have had three vaccine doses and have recovered from a coronavirus infection do not need a fourth vaccination.

Before this, fourth COVID-19 vaccinations have already been recommended to severely immunocompromised persons, persons living in nursing homes for the elderly, and persons aged 80 and older.

Pirkanmaa Hospital District recommends a fourth COVID-19 vaccination for the following groups:

  • persons aged 12 years old older who are severely immunocompromised
  • persons aged 80 and older
  • persons living in nursery homes for the elderly
  • the elderly, meaning persons aged 70 and older who are in home care or informal care or cannot manage at home without aid.

Where to get the vaccine?

Vaccinations are given without an appointment at the following sites:

  • Hatanpää laboratory facilities (Hatanpäänkatu 24, 1st floor, entrance through the main foor of the Hatanpää Hospital), Tue–Thurs from 8.30 to 14 and on Fridays from 10 to 18
  • Hervanta Health Centre vaccination point (Insinöörinkatu 38), Mon–Thurs from 12 to 18.

Vaccinations are given by appointment at health centres in Tampere during May and at Hatanpää laboratory facilities and at the Orivesi health centre.

You can book an appointment at Covid-19 vaccinations or by calling the health care counselling service on 03 5657 0023 (daily from 7 to 22). Residents of Orivesi may also book an appointment by calling the health centre appointment number: 03 5657 5777, Mon–Fri from 12 to 13.

Clients of home care receive the vaccine through home care services, but, if they wish, they can also get vaccinated at a health centre or the Hatanpää laboratory facilities.

Further information

Maria Riski
+35840 615 9844
Sirkku Miettinen
Kotihoidon päällikkö
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Text: Marika Haapala
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