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Information retrieval and collections

Information retrieval and information services

Questions answered at the library

Librarians with expertise in information retrieval will help you search for information and locate the items that you need. They also provide guidance and advice for independent information seekers in the use of different resources, and are happy to provide you with some reading and listening tips. The PIKI online library holds articles, resource tips and reviews covering a number of topics. Online library users can also provide their own recommendations and reviews. The online library also holds a selection of useful links to different online information sources.

Online information services

Ask a librarian

Library staff across the country are available to answer customers' questions via the Ask a librarian service. Questions are answered via e-mail within three working days. There are already thousands of answers saved in the archive where they can be searched by topic.

If you have questions concerning loans, renewals, fines or lost library cards, please contact your local library. Contact information for all PIKI libraries is provided in the PIKI online library, other libraries can be searched online at (


The library collections and other sources of information

The libraries provide different sources of information ranging from dictionaries to online newspapers. Some material is only accessible on the library computers.

The main source of information is The PIKI online library, the database of libraries in the Tampere Region, which contains details of all public library collections in the PIKI network as well as information on their availability.

A wide selection of newspapers and magazines

The most extensive selection of newspapers and magazines is available at the reading room at the main Metso library. The reading room at the main library holds a selection of professional and hobby magazines, Finnish and foreign newspapers, crafts and fashion magazines as well as general magazines.

The children's and youth department provides the most extensive selection of magazines for children and young people.

Branch libraries also carry the latest issues of magazines and newspapers.

Availability and borrowing

Newspapers are kept in the newspaper reading room for three months. Older newspaper editions are available on microfilm in the microfilm room at the main Metso library for reading, copying and scanning. Old editions of magazines are stored in the newspaper reading room and at the main Metso library, the storage time varies between magazines.

The Pirkanmaa local collection holds a permanent selection of newspapers and magazines published in the Tampere Region.

Magazines can also be borrowed. For more detailed information, please contact the libraries. Newspaper microfilms and magazines stored in the newspaper reading room are also available as inter-library loans to other libraries.

Online newspapers and newspaper databases

Library computers also provide access to electronic newspapers. Pressreader provides over a 7000 newspapers and magazines from all over the world in facsimile format.

The ePress newspaper service provides access to Finnish local newspapers, the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper and several regional newspapers in facsimile format. The eMagz service includes finnish magazines.

The Finnish Suomen Media-arkisto is a database of Finnish newspapers, including articles from the Tampere based Aamulehti newspaper since 1995, among others.

All article and newspaper databases available at the library are listed on the databases webpage (in Finnish).

Acquisition request

Are we missing something in our collections? Make an acquisition request.

Good to know

You can use this form (below) to propose a material to be acquired to the library. We are not able to full fill all suggestions. Due to copyright reasons only some of the films, games, and computer software on the market, are possible to obtain to the library.

Other possibilities

Before you send the request you should make a search in Piki net library and also check (e.g. Finna) if the Tampere University library has it in its collections (Tampere University Library, Tampere University of Applied Sciences). The interlibrary loans services are at your use in all PIKI-libraries.