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Computers and appliances

Computers and other equipment

The library has computers available for customer use.

Computers can be booked for up to three hours per session, depending on the unit. Pikanetti quick access computers can be used without prior booking. Computers can be booked online using the computer reservation system or by visiting or phoning the library.

A library card and PIN code are needed when using library computers. The library computers are available for use free of charge. However, printouts and copies are chargeable.

Book a computer

Computers can be booked in advance using the online computer reservation system or by phoning or visiting the library.

External linkOnline computer booking service

PIKI computers

The PIKI computers provide access to the PIKI online library and other databases.

The PIKI computers can be used without prior booking. They are only meant for accessing the online library and databases made available by the library.

Using the library computers

To log on to a computer

You will need your library card number and PIN code to log on to the computer.
You can log on 10 minutes before your pre-booked session if the computer is available.
The computer will alert you twice as the session is coming to an end, 10 minutes and 2 minutes before the end of the session.
At the end of the session you will be logged off automatically.
If the computer is not used for a period of 10 minutes during a session, the user will be logged off automatically.
The computer may be temporarily locked by clicking the Lock computer icon (Lukitse kone) on the desktop. It will be locked for 10 minutes.

Computers can be booked in advance

The computers at Tampere city library are available for use free of charge. Computers can be booked in advance using the online computer reservation system or by phoning or visiting the library. A library card number and PIN code are needed when booking and using library computers. A library card is for the owner's personal use only; the card owner is solely responsible for use of their library card. A library card and PIN code can be obtained from the library.

Department /
Users under 15
Main library
Children's department
Main library
Music department and
Working space Olotila
60 0
Main library
Working space Olotila
Computer 8
Branch libraries
computer learning center
Quick access computers
30 mins/session
30 mins/session

Please, notice

Computers with scanning functionality may be booked for longer sessions. Some branch libraries and Tietotori computer areas have dedicated children's computers, which are marked accordingly. Adult users may use the library computers for a total of 240 minutes per day and users under 15 years for 60 minutes per day. To use the full 240 minutes, an adult user may have to switch to a different computer in a different department, library or Tietotori computer area.

Additional information on bookings

A customer may have two upcoming bookings. Bookings can be made up to 8 days in advance.

The booking is cancelled if the customer arrives more than 10 minutes late for the session. All bookings end 5 minutes before the library's closing time.

Pikanetti quick access computers

Quick access computers for short sessions are available at each city library unit. The Pikanetti quick access computers cannot be booked in advance, which means that users may need to wait their turn. These computers can be used for a maximum of 30 minutes per session. The time used will be deducted from the customer's daily 180 or 60 minutes of library computer time. A library card number and PIN code are needed for logging on to the computer.

Copiers and other appliances

Multi-function printer for copying, scanning and printing

All libraries, with the exception of Koukkuniemi and Terälahti libraries, and the Main library Metso, have multi-function printers . At the main Metso library, copiers are located in the entrance halls on the main and first floors.

The first time you use the printing and copying machine, please register your library card at the multi-function printer by swiping it through the barcode reader and entering your PIN code.

Print-outs and copies will be paid with the balance added to the library card.

Our card has a starting balance of EUR 1. You can put more money on your card at the customer service desk.

You can use the multi-function printer for copying, scanning and printing.

The new system enables secure printing

The job sent to the printer will be printed out by presenting your library card to the printer so that it will be received by the intended person.

Follow the instructions displayed on the multi-function printer. If needed, please ask the staff for assistance.

Select copying, scanning or printing (Secure Print) and follow the instructions on the device.

Swipe your library card through the barcode reader. Enter your personal PIN code on the screen of the multi-function printer.

Check your balance. Please remember to ALWAYS log out after you have finished by pressing the iD button.


Printing and copying black-and-white
A4 = EUR 0.30
A3 = EUR 0.50
Printing and copying colour
A4=EUR 1
A3 = EUR 2

Scanning to memory stick or email free.
If needed, please ask the staff for assistance.
Detailed instructions for printing, copying and scanning can be found on the multi-function printer.


Laptops are available at main library Metso and at Hervanta, Härmälä, Kaukajärvi and Lielahti libraries. Laptops are available for use at the library and a library card and ID document are needed when borrowing them.

Microfilm readers

There are two microfilm readers/scanners at the main library, which can be booked for up to three hours per day. The microfiche reader and microfilm copiers cannot be booked in advance. Since bookings are not taken for the scanner, please take other library users into consideration when using this facility.

You can take chargeable paper copies of microfilms or save the data on your own USB stick.


Scanners are available for library users at the computer room at the main Metso library, at Härmälä, Kaukajärvi, Messukylä, Tesoma libraries and in the Tietotori computer learning centers at Hervanta and Sampola libraries.

The main Metso library, the Tietotori centers at Hervanta and Sampola libraries and the Pellervo library also provide facilities for scanning slides and negatives.

Wlan - wireless network

The Langaton Tampere ("Wireless Tampere") wlan network is available for users at the main library and all branch libraries. A user name can be obtained from the library, which enables use for one day free of charge.

SeutuOpen WiFi available at the main library, Hervanta, Koilliskeskus, Lielahti, Sampola and Tesoma libraries. No user name required.

Digitizing and editing facilities

Digitizing Services from the Library

What to do with old VHS video tapes when you no longer have a VCR at home? What about saving old photographs that are turning reddish? Libraries now offer devices and software for digitizing old material. At the library you can digitize slides, LPs, VHS video tapes and compact cassettes, for instance.

The Tietotori computer learning centers at the Hervanta and Sampola libraries have the most versatile selection of devices and software and also offer personal assistance in using them, if necessary.

Scanners have been acquired at several libraries for digitizing photographs. The scanner models and resources available to help you vary between libraries so it is a good idea to check your library's scanning resources in advance. The Tietotori computer learning center provide you with personal assistance in scanning, if need be. You should book a guidance session in advance either by calling the library or visiting The Tietotori computer learning centers.

VHS video tapes can be digitized at many libraries. You can book a time slot at the library in question. The duration of the digitizing is the same as the length of the recording being converted. Editing and working on your own videos is possible in the Tietotori computer learning centres in Hervanta, Lielahti and Sampola. The workstations in Hervanta and Sampola have Adobe Premiere Elements 11 and Lielahti has a newer version, Adobe Premiere Elements 12.

Compact cassettes can be digitized at the Tietotori computer learning centers in Hervanta, Lielahti and Sampola. Compact cassettes can be converted into CD or mp3 format. Furthermore, Hervanta and Lielahti have devices for digitizing LPs as well.

You can store the digitized material either on a memory stick or in various web services. The workstations at the The Tietotori computer learning centers also feature recording CD and DVD drives and there are CDs and DVDs for sale.

What can be digitized?

The Tekomo makerspace

The Tekomo makerspace

Tekomo is an extension to the services available at Sampola Tietotori. Tekomo operates in a separate section of Tietotori in Sampola.

In addition to digital services, Sampola now offers two 3D printers, a vinyl cutter, heat press, pin badge button maker, laminator, sewing machine and an overlock machine to its customers. These tools enable different kinds of creative work. 3D printers can be used to print plastic objects from a three-dimensional model. The vinyl cutter produces shapes from a two-dimensional model made with a computer. The result can be either an adhesive vinyl decal or a material that can be pressed onto fabric using the heat press. Wacom Intuos M pen tablet is also available.

For individuals and groups

Tekomo serves both individuals and groups: everyone is welcome to the makerspace to carry out their own projects and learn from others. The selected tools are easy-to-use and have handy features. The prices are affordable: 3D printouts cost one euro each and vinyl costs one euro per 10 centimetres.

The equipment can be booked through the computer reservation system. Tekomo is open during the opening hours of Tietotori in Sampola. Tekomo is not open for self-service use. Groups can book the entire makerspace for their exclusive use. The Tietotori staff will help with the equipment, but beginners are recommended to familiarise themselves with the basics of sewing or 3D printing beforehand—for example, at the Tampere adult education centre.