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Preschool education enrolment has begun in Tampere

Published 7.1.2022 14.16

Enrolment for children starting preschool next autumn has begun in Tampere. The enrolment for preschool and supplementary activities takes place through the City of Tampere website and must be completed by 23 January 2022.

Preschool pupils in the gym.

The enrolment for preschool education applies to children born in 2016. The designated preschool is determined by the child’s home address and their educational path. Preschool education is arranged in city schools and day care centres, and in some private schools and day care centres.

According to the Basic Education Act, a child must take part in preschool education or other activity meeting the objectives of preschool education in the school year preceding their compulsory education. Preschool education became obligatory in Finland in 2015.

The 2022–2023 preschool year enrolment needs to be completed between 7 January and 23 January 2022 by using the electronic form on the website of the City of Tampere. Applications to private preschool education require an additional form from the organiser.

In order to apply for bilingual preschool organised by basic education, fill in a different form on the website of the City of Tampere.

Enrolment for supplementary activities will be later in the spring

Preschool education will start on 10 August 2022. Preschool education is organised during regular school hours. Daily preschool education is provided for four hours a day, and preschool education is free of charge.

If a child requires supplementary activities in addition to preschool education, the enrolment for these activities will be later in the spring. Supplementary activities are subject to a fee. All children receive the additional activities they need, either in preschool education at school or in a nearby day care centre.

Guardians have received detailed information on enrolment via the Päikky channel in December.

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