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Contemporary landscape art of Sanna Kananoja at Culture House Laikku

Published 29.12.2021 14.56

The Gallery of Culture House Laikku features works of art from Sanna Kananoja’s latest series of tempera paintings, Water Flows in the Desired Direction. By the means of landscape painting Kananoja examines the relations between man and nature, as well as the essence of time and the ability of nature to adapt to the circumstances at hand. The series is premised on the ditches dug for the construction of roads, and the flora that grows therein. Free admission.

A painting, in which a foliage of several trees can be seen hanging over dark waters.

In her landscape paintings Kananoja observes the everyday nature found in our proximity, thus giving the paintings an attachment to the present day. She is fascinated by how the nature in our vicinity can to an extent be considered a meeting place of both planning and randomness. Kananoja contemplates the way that man, by and large, functions with his own interests in mind. In her new series Water Flows in the Desired Direction, she takes a look at ditches and their roadside shoulders - the landscape and the water. For millenia man has directed the flow of water according to his needs, either to drain or to irrigate. This has had an enormous impact on the nature around us. From the viewpoint of nature this massive shaping of land must appear incomprehensible. For man, however, the controlling of water is important: ideal conditions have to be created for farmlands, buildings and roads.

On the road, on the way somewhere, the landscape becomes a reality. It is both looked at and experienced. In these sceneries ditches appear as ubiquitous, unconscious imagery. They separate the road from what is considered to be the actual landscape. Ditches are boundaries and in-between spaces. They delineate the earth levelled down by man from the unkempt bushes that lead up to the forests or the fields. Kananoja observes the ditches as parts of a landscape divided by man, as well as the way nature adapts and continues its cyclic processes regardless of human activity. As time has passed, areas maintaining the diversity of nature with their valuable biotopes have randomly grown on the shoulders of the ditches.

“In my works I depict scenes of easily accessible places, thereby replacing the eccentric with the everyday – I observe the ordinary."

The exhibition is open 8.1.-30.1.2022, tue-fri 9.00-21.00, sat-sun 10-18.

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Text Sanna Kananoja, Mika Vaaranmaa

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