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City of Tampere hopes to receive feedback on the new beta version of the website

Published 3.12.2021 11.26

The City of Tampere is renewing the website. The new website will be fully implemented in spring 2022. A beta version of the website has been launched, and the city hopes to receive feedback on the version from the users.

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The beta version is a very limited development version that does not include all the features and functionalities of the website, and most of the content is missing completely. Only a few test contents in Finnish have been prepared for the beta version, including content about health services and library services. At the same time, search functionality, regional filtering and search functionalities for data and event listings, for example, are missing.

The beta version will be complemented and developed until the actual publication of the pages. The beta version will be publicly displayed for feedback, until the beginning of February 2022. The aim is to publish the actual new website by May 2022.

The main purpose of the development version is to test the user interface: How are the navigation options? Would you be able to search for information through the main menu and other menus? Do you find the website to be clear? Give us open feedback and/or take the survey! By providing feedback, you can help ensure that the pages are finalised to best serve their users. The new website is made to be more customer-oriented, user friendly and accessible.

The new website offers easy-to-find information about the city’s activities and smooth access to services. Attention has been paid particularly to ensuring the website’s smooth accessibility on different devices, especially on smartphones. More than half of those who visit use a smartphone.

At the end of 2020, the city tendered the implementation of on the Drupal platform. Exove Oy won the tender, and the implementation project started in March 2021. The project is striving to revamp the service concept, design, user interface and content of

Website panel to comment on the planning

Throughout the process, the users of online services, such as residents, have been asked to share their views to support the development of the new online service through organised workshops, interviews and surveys. We have collected data on the user needs by investigating the analytics of the current website and the site’s user surveys, and feedback from the site.

In order to create to the website, we established a Website panel that operates on an electronic platform and tests and comments on the planning. Since April, 159 members have participated in the panel. So far, the panellists have expressed their opinions in 13 different tasks, and some of them participated in the website’s first usability testing. We have revoiced 50–70 answers per task. The panellists also receive a separate task with questions about the beta development version.

The insight and experience of the Website panel has been very useful in the planning and implementation of the website. The panel has influenced the main menu titles, the clarity and readability of the user interface and the regional search features, for example.

Most of the 2.6 million users enter the site through a search engine

The website is the city’s most important communications channel. It has gained more and more users each year. In 2020, the website had 2.6 million visitors and 15.6 million downloads. 64 per cent of users entered the website through a search engine. 56 per cent of the visitors used a smartphone to access the site.

Edited 21.12.2021:
The development version of the search functionality is installed to the site.