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Influenza vaccination of families with persons susceptible to serious influenza begin – changes in criteria

Published 5.11.2021 15.08

Seasonal influenza vaccinations continue in Tampere and Orivesi and vaccination of the families of persons susceptible to serious influenza has begun. This autumn, the criteria for receiving the free vaccine have become tighter as a result of the regulation amendments made by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The objective of these amendments is to ensure that the National Vaccination Programme has enough vaccines to vaccinate all persons susceptible to serious influenza.

 Injecting influenza vaccination in the upper arm.

Free influenza vaccination is available to family members who live in the same apartment or communicate weekly face to face with a person who is particularly susceptible to serious influenza or is susceptible to serious influenza but cannot be vaccinated. Other family members must pay for their influenza vaccination.

Persons who are particularly susceptible to serious influenza include severely immunocompromised and seriously ill individuals, frail individuals aged 65 or older with underlying conditions, individuals susceptible to serious influenza who cannot be vaccinated, infants aged under 6 months and pregnant individuals.

Who are entitled to free influenza vaccination?

  • Social and health care professionals as well as pharmaceutical service professionals and students participating in direct patient and customer work (starting with persons who meet and treat people with influenza or who are constantly taking care of persons who are particularly susceptible to serious influenza)
  • Pregnant individuals
  • All aged 65 or above
  • Children under the age of 7
  • Persons belonging to risk groups due to an illness or treatment
  • Individuals starting their mandatory or voluntary military service
  • Individuals who live or reside for long periods in institutional conditions
  • Family members of persons particularly susceptible to serious influenza

Further information on the page of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL):External link Influenza vaccine

How to get vaccinated

Health centres administer vaccinations by appointment. The residents of Tampere and Orivesi can book an appointment online: External linkBook influenza vaccination appointment at your health centre In Finnish, identification is required.. You can also book an appointment by calling your own health centre or the health care counselling service at 03 5657 0023 (select line 2). You can also get vaccinated during other office appointments.

Pregnant individuals and children under school age will be vaccinated at maternity and child welfare clinics. Families of pregnant individuals and infants aged under six months can also get vaccinated at a maternity and child welfare clinic during the pregnant individual’s or the infant’s appointment. Schoolchildren and students who are entitled to free vaccination will primarily be vaccinated by their school or student health services. Vaccinations are also given by appointment and at pop up events organised by some service providers. We will provide more information about pop up events at a later date.

If you are not entitled to free vaccination, order a vaccine prescription online

The actual vaccination appointment is free for all, but only high-risk individuals and family members who meet the vaccination criteria are entitled to free vaccines. If you are not entitled to a free vaccine, you can purchase a vaccine for yourself. Order a prescription for seasonal influenza vaccine online:External link Log in to the electronic health services and fill in the prescription form (In Finnish, identification is required.). The form will be processed within three working days. After the form has been processed, you will receive the prescription within eight days. You can also order the prescription by calling your own health centre .

When your prescription is ready, you can purchase your vaccine at a pharmacy and book a vaccination appointment. Adults can book a vaccination appointment at their own health centre or occupational health care provider or, for example, get vaccinated during their child’s appointment at a child welfare clinic. Children and young people are vaccinated at child welfare clinics and school or student health service clinics.

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