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7 p.m. Mingle – An Exhibition by the HYENA collective at Gallery Muuntotila

Published 3.11.2021 12.12

7 p.m. Mingle is the second part of the exhibition trilogy by the HYENA artist collective, opening on November 6th at Gallery Muuntotila. The underlying theme of all three exhibitions is the buffet table. The four artists of the collective have collaborated and created works that deal with, for instance, lavish buffet foods, social encounters at parties, as well as the origin of food at festivities.

Two glass dishes on a table in a red shaded photo.

The artists of the collective have gathered together to prepare and compose an assemblage on tables – just as guests at a party gather together around a table laden with food. At a buffet, a long queue leads to the steaming hot foods, everyone eats with their eyes, and no one can wait to get to the sauce bowl. Amidst the hustle of the party, you don’t notice who is missing and you might run into unexpected social situations. Everyone is dressed for the occasion but simultaneously they have slipped into roles and different behavioural patterns. The excessive eating from the buffet will eventually lead to a strange feeling of fullness.

The art works in the assemblage are based on memories, sensations and encounters at parties. They have been prepared using both traditional and unconventional techniques. The three-dimensional works are made with, among other things, wood, wax and plant dyed textiles.

Kira Björklund, Katri Kari, Mirkka Suokas and Hanna Tervonen are the members of HYENA collective. They met during their Fine Art studies in Imatra.

Exhibition is open from 6 November to 27 November 2021, Tue–Fri at 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sat at 12:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at Gallery Muuntotila.

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Text HYENA collective, Tanja Peltonummi and Mika Vaaranmaa

Photos HYENA collective