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Tampere to conduct survey to learn about residents’ experiences concerning safety

Published 16.8.2021 8.45

The City of Tampere is conducting an online survey to learn about the city’s residents’ experiences and views concerning the city’s safety. The survey is open until 29 August 2021. The results will be applied in the development of the city’s safety.

Henkilö seisoo kuvaajaan selin kädet pystyssä. On pimeää ja henkilö katsoo järven takana näkyvää kaupungin siluettia.

The City of Tampere is constantly improving the city’s safety in cooperation with the residents. Residents of Tampere can get involved in the development of safety by responding to the survey, which looks at, among other themes, residents’ experiences and views concerning crime and disorder, being the victim of a crime, preparedness and accidents.

– A similar security survey was last conducted in 2017. This time, the survey also covers insecurity and the subjective sense of insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, says Jouni Perttula, Risk Management and Security Manager for the City of Tampere.

All residents of Tampere aged 15 or older can take the survey. It takes about 10–15 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is open until 29 August 2021. An English version of the survey is also available.

– The survey is confidential and no individual can be identified from their responses. Information about respondents’ age, gender and residential area gives us a better view of how different population groups and people living in different neighbourhoods experience safety. This information will be used when we plan our safety efforts in cooperation with the Central Finland Police Department, Pirkanmaa rescue services and other parties, says Perttula.

Safety and a sense of security are basic human needs. Safety is about the absence of hazards and uncertainties. A sense of security is about experiencing wellness, which is at least as important as concrete safety.

– An individual’s experiences and living environment affect their sense of security. These are personal experiences. This survey provides us with valuable information about the experiences of Tampere’s residents of which, together with statistics on crime and accidents, forms the overall picture of the city’s safety, says Perttula.

The results of the security survey will be published in September or October 2021.

Further information

Jouni Perttula Tel. +358401966512

Text Tuuli Oinonen and Johanna Kurela

Photos Atacan Ergin / Visit Tampere