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School Starts in Tampere on Tuesday 10 August 2021

Published 6.8.2021 12.28

Tampere welcomes nearly 2,200 first graders this autumn. The school year will begin at Tampere’s comprehensive schools on Tuesday 10 August 2021. All grades will begin the school year in contact teaching at their own schools.

Two pupils of the first grade are sitting in the school yard

Preschool education is also in the form of contact teaching as the school year begins. There are a total of about 2,180 children beginning their preschool education in Tampere. The figures are preliminary and describe the entire age group in Tampere.

Approximately 18,500 pupils are starting their school year in Tampere’s comprehensive schools (grades 1–9). More information about the beginning of the school year is available on the website of each school.

Spread of COVID-19 combatted with precautionary measures

Teaching is in the form of contact teaching for all grades at their own schools. In order to stop the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools will follow the precautionary measures implemented during the previous school year. Schools will pay attention to good hand hygiene, adequate safety distances and use of masks. While in school facilities, pupils over the age of 12 will wear face masks provided by the school. The use of masks is recommended during travelling to school in public transport, taxis and pick-up and drop-off traffic.

The aim is to have breaks and meals in shifts. Small groups are used in school activities and the aim is to have PE classes outside and near the school. Other subjects are also recommended to be taught outside whenever possible. The Lupa liikkua classes and club activities will begin as normal.

The decision of the City of Tampere to implement education in the form of contact teaching and the instructions given to schools are all based on the policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, the Regional State Administrative Agency and the local steering group for pandemic efforts.

New final assessment criteria implemented in August

The Finnish National Agency for Education established the criteria for the final assessment of each subject in basic education. The criteria will be implemented on 1 August 2021. These criteria will be applied for the first time when pupils finish basic education in spring 2022.

The final assessment is an overall assessment of how a pupil has accomplished the goals set for each subject over the course of their basic education. Pupils are assessed on the basis of the skills they have shown in grades 7–9. The new final assessment criteria outline the skills required from pupils in order to receive a grade of 5, 7, 8 or 9. The criteria are not goals set for the learning process, however, but descriptions of the skills required to receive certain grades.

The aim of the new final assessment criteria is to make the grades of different pupils more comparable when they apply for places in secondary education, for instance.

Further information

Basic education
Petri Peltonen Tel. 050 525 8561

Basic education
Ville Raatikainen Tel. 040 576 8949

Preschool education
Pia Mikkola Tel. 050 468 2922

Final assessment criteria:
Ulla Ojalammi Tel. 050 428 3044

Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Laura Happo