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Library reading rooms and workspaces reopened for customers

Published 15.6.2021 10.15

The libraries' reading rooms, workspaces and leisure facilities are open for customers. Also, the use of the customer computers has been returned to normal. In order to guarantee the safety of services and to ensure safe distances, fewer customers are allowed in the reading rooms, workspaces and leisure facilities.

Valokuva: Koilliskeskuksen kirjasto

Tampere City Library has removed restrictions on their services due to the eased Covid-19 situation in Pirkanmaa. Most of the reading rooms, workspaces and leisure facilities are again open for customers. However, there are a few exceptions since some of the facilities are, for the present, in other use or too small to be used according to the Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The libraries’ hobby facilities were opened for customers already in the end of May. Safe distances have been taken into account in the furnishing of the facilities, and fewer customers will be allowed in the facilities at the same time to ensure the safe distances and to avoid unnecessary contacts. For now, the libraries’ game and music rooms can only be reserved by one person, two friends or one family. The small project rooms of the Main Library Metso can be reserved for working alone. Only one reservation at a time can be made to Makerspace Tekomo and the microfilm room of the Main Library Metso, meaning that the facilities can only be used by one person at a time.

The reservable facilities will be aired after each reservation if possible, and the surfaces will be cleaned before the next reservation begins. Customers are expected to take care of good hand hygiene and safe distances, and to use a face mask. Please stay home when sick!

Use of the customer computers returned to normal

The time restrictions of the customer computers have also been returned to normal. Fewer customer computers are in use to ensure the safe distances.

Customers can reserve the premises, customer computers and other devices online.

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