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Library workspaces and computers can be reserved from 24 May onwards

Published 25.5.2021 11.22

The libraries’ reservable workspaces, computers and other devices can be booked again by customers from 24 May 2021 onwards. The usage time of customer computers is also increased to one hour. In order to guarantee the safety of services and to ensure safe distances, fewer customers will be allowed in the reservable workspaces at the same time compared to usual.

Ground floor of library

The majority of the reservable meeting and leisure facilities and reservable devices of the Tampere City Library will be opened for the public on 24 May 2021. There are some library-specific exceptions, however; due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the libraries’ meeting facilities are reserved for other types of use or cannot be used because there is not enough space for keeping safe distances. Reservable facilities include meeting rooms, lecture halls as well as music, game and project rooms.

“Library services have been restricted for a long time now, and the customers have really missed the services that have been closed. We will now reopen these services to the extent possible in this situation. The safety of services is still obviously very important. That is why we will allow fewer customers at once in the reservable facilities and will ensure safe distances in all operations," Director of Libraries Niina Salmenkangas says.

Customers are still recommended to avoid spending unnecessarily long periods in the libraries. The quiet reading rooms still remain closed because it is normal for people to spend long periods in these facilities. In case of exposure to COVID-19, there would be a large number of contacts between persons who do not know each other. The reservable facilities are aired between reservations whenever possible and all contact surfaces are wiped before the arrival of the next person, for example.

The usage time of library computers is increased from 15 minutes to one hour from Monday, 24 May onwards. There are fewer customer computers than normal in order to ensure safe distances. For now, the libraries’ game and music rooms can only be reserved by one person, two friends or one family. The small project rooms of the Main Library Metso can be reserved for working alone. Only one reservation at a time can be made to Makerspace Tekomo and the microfilm room of the Main Library Metso, meaning that the facilities can only be used by one person at a time. These restrictions are in place to ensure the safe use of the premises and to avoid unnecessary contacts.

Customers can reserve the premises, customer computers and other devices online.