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Remote teaching continues in secondary and upper secondary schools until Easter

Published 29.3.2021 15.44

The City of Tampere has decided that grades 7–9 of basic education as well as upper secondary schools will continue with remote teaching until 5 April 2021. The decision follows the recommendation made by the Tampere Region Pandemic Control Group on 23 March.

Koulun tyhjä käytävä

According to the current decision, the higher grades in basic education and daytime upper secondary schools will resume contact teaching on Wednesday, 7 April. On Tuesday, 6 April, these schools will still be out for Easter holidays. Adult upper secondary schools and Tredu will resume teaching on Tuesday, 6 April.

Joint application is currently underway

Joint application to further education after basic education for 9th graders is currently underway. The joint application process has been carried out in as normal a fashion as possible during the remote teaching situation. The pupils have received guidance for the joint application process during their remote classes or personally, in which case the pupils have had the opportunity to visit the school to receive counselling or talk to the counsellor via a remote connection.

The City of Tampere study counsellors have been in contact with all guardians through Wilma during the remote teaching period. Additional counselling and opportunities for meetings with the guardian have been available.

The application period ends on 7 April 2021. Most of the pupils have already submitted their applications. Study counsellors will contact the pupils who have not submitted an application and their guardians. Study counsellors are responsible for overseeing the joint application process, and they are in charge of contacting the family in matters related to applications.

Children’s recreational activities under consideration

Recreational indoor group activities for children and young people will remain on a break until 5 April. The Tampere Region Pandemic Control Group will discuss the possible continuation of the break at their next meeting. Outdoor activities are allowed as long as they comply with the safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare. Youth facilities will remain closed until 5 April.

Basic art education classes will be on a break until 5 April, excluding remote teaching. Classes can be arranged for those born in 2008 or later by complying with the general safety instructions and for those born in 2002–2007 if the teaching can be implemented according to the safety instructions issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture/Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

The Tampereen seudun työväenopisto adult education centre will continue remote teaching until 6 April.

Other restrictions remain in force until 18 April

Museums and Cultural House Laikku are closed to the public until 18 April. Concerning libraries, only reserved items can be picked up, items returned and computers used for a short period (15 minutes) until 18 April.

Any public events held in the City of Tampere’s indoor facilities may only be attended by a maximum of six people.

Indoor sports activities are still prohibited in the city’s indoor sports facilities and ice stadiums, excluding competitive and elite sports. Group sports activities for adults over the age of 20 are prohibited indoors as well as outdoors. Medical and corresponding rehabilitation activities are allowed at indoor swimming pools (special swimming card holders).

The staff of the City of Tampere wear face masks at all workplaces in the city, including day care centres, primary schools, secondary schools and office work. Instead of face masks, the employees of day care centres and schools can use face shields. Social and health care services are provided to customers primarily as local services. Unnecessary travel is avoided, especially to the regions currently in the spreading phase, such as the Helsinki region.

Further information

Director of Early Childhood and Basic Education Kristiina Järvelä Tel. 040 800 4678

Director of Culture Pirkko Lindberg Tel. 0400 985 991

Director of Sport and Youth Pekka P. Paavola Tel. 050 554 5831

Text Johanna Toivanen

Photos Elina Pynnönen