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Inhabitants invited to build the vision of the future of Tampere

Published 15.3.2021 8.30

The City of Tampere has begun work on its new City Strategy. The writers of the strategy want to include the views of as many inhabitants as possible on the future of Tampere. Inhabitants may share their ideas by taking a survey at the website. The survey is open 15.3.–11.4.2021.

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The City Strategy is the most important document guiding the management and operations of the city. It is a long-term plan, collecting the broad guidelines of the city’s development over the coming years.

– Early in the year, we kicked off the preparatory work among experts to look at the future of Tampere from different points of view, creating material as a foundation for the strategy. Discussions laying the groundwork for the future strategy will take place over several months. In the municipal elections in June, a new city council will be elected to oversee the work on the strategy. They will then make the decision to adopt it in the fall of 2021, says Strategy Director Reija Linnamaa.

– Over the spring, we will discuss the effects of local, national, and global changes, such as climate change, the aging of the population, the insecurity of municipal economies, or the health and social services reform, on Tampere and Tampere inhabitants. The discussions will shape a common view of the future of Tampere, says Strategy Manager Nina Mustikkamäki.

Involving inhabitants in the strategy work

The strategy will guide everything the city does over the following years. The decisions made in it will thus impact the lives of every Tampere inhabitant.

– It is crucial that not only decision-makers and city personnel, and the city’s stakeholders and partners, but the inhabitants, as well, get to participate in the drawing up of the strategy and share their own views of the future of the city, says Strategy Director Linnamaa.

All Tampere inhabitants can take part in the shaping of the strategy by taking a survey at the website between 15.3. and 11.4.2021.

Inhabitant views are being sought in other ways besides the survey. Discussions on the future of Tampere will take place over the spring with groups including, but not limited to the aged, immigrants, those with developmental disabilities, and those in rehabilitation after substance abuse or mental health problems. The hopes children and youth of various ages have for the future are also being surveyed for the strategy work. Also being heard are the city’s decision-making institutions and representative councils, such as the NGO Representative Council and the Youth Council.

– All of these views, gathered from diverse groups in diverse ways, will be taken into account when we give shape to the initial strategy documents to help the new city council’s work, says Strategy Manager Nina Mustikkamäki.

– Inhabitants will have the opportunity to look at our drafts and give their comments in the second phase as well, before the council makes the decision on the strategy, says Mustikkamäki.

Further information

Strategy Manager
Nina Mustikkamäki Tel. 040 138 9234

Text Johanna Kurela