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Tampere extends COVID-19 vaccinations to cover 18–49-year-old people in risk group 1

Published 8.3.2021 9.29

Tampere is extending COVID-19 vaccinations for people in risk group 1. The vaccinations are now available for Tampere residents of 18–49 years of age, with an illness or condition that is highly predisposing to severe coronavirus disease. The vaccinations for 50–69-year-olds in same risk group continue normally.

Covid-19 vaccinations.

People who are 18–69 years old with an illness that strongly exposes them to serious coronavirus infection (risk group 1) can book a vaccination appointment either online: External linkBook a coronavirus vaccination appointment online Finnish only, identification is required or by calling the health care counselling service, tel. 03 5657 0023 (open 7 a.m.–10 p.m. daily).

Vaccinations are given by appointment in the health centres . Anyone receiving the vaccination can visit any health centre of the city of Tampere.

Determination of whether a person belongs to a risk group receiving the vaccine takes place at the health centre using the person’s Kela card or the patient register. The next risk group to receive vaccinations includes persons who have the following illnesses or conditions that strongly expose them to serious coronavirus infection (risk group 1):

  • organ transplant or stem cell transplant received no more than six months ago, or people who use anti-rejection medication due to stem cell transplantation
  • people undergoing active cancer treatment (excluding basal cell carcinoma)
  • severe disorders of the immune system (such as inherited immunodeficiency, HIV, persons who have had their spleen removed)
  • severe chronic renal disease (dialysis patients can also get vaccinated during their treatment)
  • severe chronic pulmonary disease
  • type 2 diabetes with medication, or
  • Down syndrome.

More information related to risk groups is on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (risk group 1):External linkVaccination order for risk groups

The vaccine used for the risk groups is AstraZeneca, which should be used exclusively for vaccinating 18–69-year-old people according to the national recommendation.

Instructions for those arriving to be vaccinated:

  • Only arrive for vaccination by appointment and if you are healthy.
  • Wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser when you arrive at the vaccination location and also when leaving the premises.
  • Keep a safe distance of at least two metres from other people.
  • Bring your Kela card with you and have it ready when waiting for your appointment.
  • Wear an item of clothing with sleeves that are easy to roll up.
  • After receiving the vaccination, stay at the premises for 15 minutes.