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Restricted services in the libraries until 9 May

Published 4.3.2021 15.36

Tampere City Library will apply the new recommendations given by the regional COVID-19 steering group.

Tesoman kirjaston varaushylly

Common guidelines

Returning items, picking up reservations, borrowing from a limited collection and the short-term use of the customer computers is possible. The collection and lounge areas, the reading rooms and study areas are closed. Self-service is expected. Customers are expected to wear a face mask unless there is a health reason that prevents wearing one.

Customer computers

The customer computers are available for necessary, short-term (15 minutes) use. The computer can be booked from the online computer reservation system. If a computer is free, you can use it also without a booking.

External linkOnline computer reservation system

Opening hours

The libraries are open normally except for the self-service opening hours. Nekala library is until further notice open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2 pm to 6 pm, and Terälahti library is open on Tuesdays from 11 am to 5 pm and on Thursdays from 9 am to 2 pm. The self-service hours are not in use in order that the library personnel can supervise the safe use of the space.

The opening hours of the libraries

Digital support

Tietotori computer learning center gives digital help for phones, tablets and computers by phone, email or remote access. Please contact Tietotori first by phone when in need of digital support: Sampola tietotori p. 040 800 7816, Hervanta tietotori p. 040 800 7805, Lielahti tietotori p. 040 553 4043.

Mobile libraries

Due to the small space of the mobile libraries, max. 1 person (or family) can enter the mobile library at a time. A quick use of the mobile library is possible. The use of a face mask is required.

Library home service

The library home service functions normally. The book bags are delivered and picked up straight to and from the customer’s door without a close contact.


Loans can be returned normally to the library’s returning machine or the return chute. The return chutes are open all the time, except for the return chute at Lielahti library, which is open according to the opening hours of Lielahtikeskus.

Lecture rooms and events

All the library’s events, room reservations, courses and other pre-scheduled events have been cancelled at least until the end of April.

Also, the newspaper reading rooms, reading rooms, music rooms and gaming rooms and other lounge areas are out of use.


Everything in the library’s collection is reservable from the PIKI net library or by phone. Reserving items from Tampere City Library’s own collection is free of charge. When making a reservation, you can choose the library from where you want to pick up the reservation. The reservations can be picked up after you receive a notification of the reserved item. The reservations are picked up from the self-service pick up shelf and borrowed with the self-service machine.

PIKI net library is open

The PIKI net library is always open. You can renew your loans, make reservations and pay your library fees in the PIKI net library. The PIKI chat offers personal service for the customer. Also, check out our e-books and other e-services in the PIKI net library.

For more information:

Main Library Metso customer service
phone number 040 800 7848

The libraries contact information
External linkPIKI net library

Text Emma Salmi, Translation: Maria Rissanen

Photos Eva Kallioranta