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The City of Tampere is asking about Tampere citizens’ well-being

Published 1.2.2021 8.37

The City of Tampere has begun a survey to gauge the well-being experienced by citizens in the various neighborhoods of Tampere. The map-based survey is open between 1 and 14 February 2021.

Skating on lake Näsijärvi

The purpose of this survey is to learn more about individual’s experiences, well-being and life in the Tampere’s neighbourhoods. These individual insights will help the City of Tampere to promote citizens’ well-being and to develop neighbourhoods. This is the second edition of this survey (first edition was carried out in November 2019).

The survey focuses on questions around lifestyle, experiences of living in Tampere, activity opportunities as well as local services. On the map, you can mark both places you appreciate and enjoy as well as those you feel unsafe or ill at ease in, to which the city should pay special attention.

The survey takes about 15-minute. The answers will be confidential and the results will be anonymized.

The map-based survey is best taken on a personal computer; flawless operation with all mobile devices is not guaranteed.

Further information

Pekka Veiste Tel. 044 486 3066

Katri Heininen Tel. 040 806 3920

Photos Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere