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Tampere prepares a coronavirus vaccination site in the gyms at Tampere Stadium in Ratina

Published 25.1.2021 13.07

The City of Tampere is preparing a mass vaccination site in the gyms at Tampere Stadium in Ratina for coronavirus vaccinations. Vaccinations will commence at Ratina once vaccinations for the under-70s begin, which is expected to be at the turn of February–March. In addition to the mass vaccination site, vaccinations will also be administered at the city's health centres in Tampere and Orivesi.

The City of Tampere will announce at a later date when the vaccination site at Tampere Stadium will open and who will be vaccinated their first.

The gyms at the stadium, which can ensure that safety distances are kept, will serve as the vaccination facilities. One gym will function as a waiting room, vaccinations will take place in another, and a third will be a place for people to stay for the required 15 minutes before returning home. As well as receiving the vaccine, customers will also be given an appointment for the booster shot. Vaccines will be administered in lines of 10–15 people.

“It will be possible to vaccinate at least 10,000 people per week at Tampere Stadium in Ratina. The mass vaccination site will require a lot of staff: vaccinators, clerical workers, people to dilute the vaccines, cleaners, security stewards and people to guide the customers both inside and out," says Nursing Manager, Birgit Aikio.

Vaccines will be administered on a queueing principle and by appointment. It is not yet possible to book an appointment.

The criteria for selecting the mass vaccination site were that the facilities should enable a smooth vaccination process and that the location should be easily accessible. During the coronavirus vaccination process, the stadium’s gyms will not be available for practising sport.

Information for the people of Tampere and Orivesi about coronavirus vaccinations and their progress will be updated on the city's website:

Text Marika Haapala

Photos Nea Eurén