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The updated comprehensive plan proposal for the inner city of Tampere is publicly available

Published 19.1.2021 9.17

The comprehensive plan for the inner city of Tampere has been updated. The proposal for the draft of the comprehensive plan can be viewed from 14 January to 15 February 2021 on the website of the City of Tampere. Areas between southern Tampere, Näsijärvi in the North and the freeway 9 starting from Hangaslahti of Näsijärvi are a part of the planning area of the comprehensive plan. A separate, strategic local master plan is valid in the city centre of the city.

Kantakaupungin yleiskaavan 2017 - 2021 suunnittelualue, jossa esitetty keskusta ja aluekeskukset: Tesoma, Lielahti, Lakalaiva, Linnainmaa ja Hervanta

The existing comprehensive plan 2040 for the inner city of Tampere has been updated in the draft of the comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan proposal was changed according to the decision made by the Committee for City Planning and Infrastructure Services on 22 December 2020 in such a way that the quality corridors of public transport of the current comprehensive plan will be kept unchanged.

After the drafting stage, potential locations for commuter train stops, for instance, have been added to the proposal. Commuter train traffic is being prepared for and the new reservations for station locations include Kalkku, Kalkunvuori, Tesoma, Mediapolis, Hiedanranta (previously Sellu), Santalahti, Amuri, Ranta-Tampella, Rantaperkiö, Lakalaiva, Vuohenoja, Messukylä, Hankkio and Vehmainen.

Supporting sustainable transport is the central objective of the comprehensive plan related to the transport system. The tramway with its regional extensions, commuter train traffic stops, terminals and stops of public transport, park-and-ride locations and main routes of cycling traffic support the objective of increasing the number of sustainable transport options.

The tramway and its regional extensions are already included in the valid comprehensive plan; however, revisions have been made to the comprehensive plan according to the decision taken by the City Council in October. The regional tramway is being prepared for in the Pirkkala, Ylöjärvi and Kangasala areas.

While the proposal is available for viewing, the state, neighbouring municipalities, authorities as well as relevant stakeholders are asked to provide their statements.

Preparing for growth

The key objective of the comprehensive plan for the inner city is to prepare for the city’s population growth. In recent years, Tampere’s number of residents has grown by approximately 3,000 residents per year, which is in line with the city’s strategy. The local master plan is also used to prepare for the growing number of jobs.

The growth zone is now called the Growth and Vitality Zone of the City Strategy, where 80 per cent of the new residential buildings are planned to be located. According to the agreement made with the state, municipalities plan the new buildings of residential housing primarily based on the existing community structure.

The areas of city centre functions are extended to the TAMK area, to the eastern side of the Hervanta freeway and to Hatanpää, making it possible for the city centre area to be extended southward. In addition to the city centre, zones suitable for high construction have been indicated in the regional centres of the city.

Tampere’s objective is to become carbon neutral by the year 2030. In order to achieve its emission targets, the city must grow in such way that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced at the same time. The community structure can impact emissions by targeting growth in the affordable zones of the city structure.

Four digital maps

The maps and materials related to the draft of the comprehensive plan for the inner city are publicly available online in a digital form. In line with the valid comprehensive plan, the revisions made in the draft of the comprehensive plan are presented on four maps.

Map 1 presents the land use and transport system of the inner city with the related development areas as well as the growth and vitality zone derived from the city strategy along with other areas of strategic development. Map 2 presents the central park network and supplementary outdoor routes, ecological network, nature conservation plans and recreational services to be developed. Map 3 presents the nationally, regionally and locally valuable areas and locations of constructed cultural environments. Map 4 presents the reservations of sustainable water resources management, environmental health and technical maintenance.

Areas of concern of the overall plan are a new entry with the target of combining the objectives of the city in the changing land use areas and the objectives of the private developer as part of the changes of the broader area. The transformation of the southern Lahdesjärvi area into an industrial area has been acknowledged in the local master plan.

New, general instructions for securing the number of zoned parks and recreational areas will be provided for the entire area of the local master plan. Inspections of the ecological network and the recreational area network have been performed in different parts of the city. The Tampere National City Park is now included in the local master plan as an informative entry of the application stage. Quiet recreational areas of the inner city form a new entry.

Camping site reservations have been added. The classification of constructed cultural environments has been changed in the local master plan as provincially and locally valuable and new areas have been added. The decibel limit and the landing zone of the aircraft noise pollution area applying to new residential buildings has been included as a new entry in the local master plan.

Two remote events for the public on 27 January

Due to the exceptional circumstances, the resident events of the draft of the comprehensive plan for the inner city are organised remotely. Two events with the same content will be organised on Wednesday, 27 January 2021 at 12 noon–2 p.m. and 6 p.m.–8 p.m.

A video presenting the plan proposal and additional information about the arrangements can be found on the website of the City of Tampere. Due to the exceptional circumstances, the public is encouraged to get acquainted with the plan materials primarily online.

The plan proposal with related materials are made publicly available in order to receive reminders and statements. Responses will be prepared for the feedback received about the proposal, based on which the Comprehensive Plan Draft for the Inner City – City Council’s term of office 2017–2021 will be prepared in order to be approved in the spring of 2021.

Further information

Head of Master Planning Pia Hastio Tel. +358 (0)40 801 6917

Text Anna-Leea Hyry