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Strict COVID-19 restrictions introduced in Tampere from 2 to 21 December

Published 30.11.2020 18.27

The COVID-19 situation in the Tampere Region has worsened over the past week, so new recommendations from the regional COVID-19 steering group on stricter restrictions will be introduced in the services of the City of Tampere. The restrictions will take effect on 2 December and are set to continue until 21 December.

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All indoor sports facilities managed by the city will be closed between 2 and 21 December. The evening use of schools and day care centres will also be suspended between 2 and 21 December. Training and competition opportunities for competitive and elite sports are secured for professional sports based on a serial license agreement or sports agreement, as defined by the Ministry of Education and Culture, for national team activities, Finnish Olympic Committee supported athletes and Ministry of Education and Culture grant athletes. The recommended break from adult team sports, contact sports and martial arts will continue until 21 December.

In the city's indoor facilities, all public events are subject to a maximum limit of 10 people until 21 December.

All of the city’s indoor swimming pools, youth and cultural facilities and museums will be closed from 2 to 21 December.

The city libraries only offer a limited service, so that reserved loans can be picked up from the libraries between 2 and 21 December. Only quick visits to libraries are recommended. The use of masks is recommended when using library services.

The autumn semester of night schools and adult education centres, as well as basic art education, ends or contact teaching is transformed into distance learning from 2 to 21 December.

Previous recommendations on the use of face masks and remote work, as well as restrictions on visits to social and health services, remain in place. The staff of the City of Tampere wears face masks in all their workplaces in the city, including day care centres, primary schools, secondary schools and office work. Those who use the city's services are also recommended to use face masks. Remote working is done in all city functions, where possible. Social and health care services continue to be provided to customers primarily as local services.

Unnecessary travel is avoided, especially to the regions in the spreading phase, currently, for example, the Helsinki region.

Basic education and secondary education continue in Tampere as contact teaching. Both students and staff follow all COVID-19 guidelines previously recommended. The staff and students in upper secondary schools wear face masks.

Stricter COVID-19 restrictions will be introduced as Tampere Region is close to moving into the spreading phase. In the Tampere Region, there is a realistic threat of health care overload.