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Tougher restrictions imposed in Pirkanmaa - face masks to be used in primary and secondary schools and at workplaces

Published 25.11.2020 13.16

Pirkanmaa’s Pandemic Control Group issued tougher coronavirus restrictions on 24 November 2020 as the coronavirus situation in Pirkanmaa has worsened considerably during the past two weeks.

A woman with a face mask.

To prevent the region from entering the spreading phase, Pirkanmaa’s Pandemic Control Group recommends even wider use of face masks from 26 November onwards. Face masks are also recommended in all encounters in primary and secondary schools and in public and private workplaces.

The face mask recommendation for workplaces means that employees working in primary and secondary schools and in day care centres should also wear them. The recommendation now also includes shops and shopping centres. This recommendation is in force in primary and secondary schools until 24 December, and other recommendations are in force until further notice.

It is recommended that all indoor recreational, sports and competitive activities in team and contact sports involving persons aged over 20 years are suspended from 26 November until 15 December. However, this restriction does not concern training and competition among Finnish national teams, Finnish Championship athletes or the 1st division, or adult recreational activities where a safe distance of two metres between participants can be maintained. The restriction does not concern professional training among persons seeking to become top-level international athletes.

Recreational activities for children and young people will continue as normal, covered by other safety recommendations. The number of visitors to indoor swimming pools will be halved, and specific swimming times introduced for the elderly.

The number of persons allowed to attend private occasions, such as family gatherings, in Pirkanmaa will be reduced to 10. This restriction will remain in force until 15 December.

The coronavirus situation in Pirkanmaa is still in the acceleration phase and has worsened significantly. The incidence of coronavirus in Pirkanmaa during the past two weeks has been 36.3 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. 1.4 per cent of the tested samples have been positive. The need for medical care at Tampere University Hospital has increased during the past week, and separate wards and intensive care facilities have been made available for coronavirus patients.