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Tampere Christmas Market to open with an emphasis on safety

Published 19.11.2020 16.53

This year, Tampere Christmas Market will open in two stages: the restaurants and some of the cottages will open for Christmas on Saturday, 28 November, and the whole market will be open from 4 December. There will be no major event to open the proceedings and other new arrangements have also been introduced to Christmas Market so that the area will be safe both for vendors and customers.

Joulutorin somistusta - puuhevonen ja -ukko.

Tampere Christmas Market is an important event for lovers of handicrafts and for vendors. This year, there will be even more sellers of Christmas decorations and gifts in the market cottages than before.

– Almost 80 artisan vendors are looking forward to the opening of Christmas Market, as this year there have been very few events at which to display and sell their authentic Finnish products, says Rami Lehtinen, the producer of Christmas Market.

– We believe that, this year too, the market will attract plenty of Christmas-minded visitors, as it is safe and easy to make purchases in the open air. We have taken great care of safety arrangements. The programme now includes small-scale performances, and we will ensure that they do not cause any great rush of spectators. The performances will create a Christmas atmosphere, and Father Christmas will of course be involved in the proceedings.

An igloo to adorn the new terrace

The market’s walkways have been widened to make it easier to maintain safety distancing, and important recommendations and hygiene instructions will be visibly on display.

– The location of the cottages has been adjusted, and each cottage will have plexiglass between the salesperson and the customer. The indoor capacities of the Mulled Wine Café and Doughnut Café have been reduced, and products can also be enjoyed outside on the terraces. The Mulled Wine Café terrace will be adorned with a glass igloo. An impressive 10-person igloo can be booked free of charge by groups on weekdays during the day, just one group at a time. In the evenings and at weekends, groups can reserve the igloo for a booking fee of a few dozen euros. In addition to the Mulled Wine Café, the traditional Doughnut Café from Pyynikki Observation Tower will also be at the Christmas Market, says Rami Lehtinen.

Christmas Market will be open daily until 22 December from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Come to the Christmas Market only if you are healthy, so that all of us can enjoy the market’s atmosphere in a spirit of safety. We recommend the use of masks.

Text Aila Rajamäki

Photos Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere