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The city of Tampere was one of the six finalists in the Smart City Award competition - the winner comes from Shanghai, China

Published 18.11.2020 16.05

The city of Tampere in Finland was one of the six finalists in the Smart City Award competition. This year’s award is given to Shangai, China. The award is given to a city that has created an exceptionally extensive strategy that takes residents into account and brings together different projects, initiatives and operating principles.

Ihmisiä Tammerkosken alajuoksulla kesäpäivänä

World Smart City Awards is a highly respected international competition that showcases progressive projects, ideas and strategies that make cities round the world livelier, more sustainable and financially more profitable. In 2020, proposals from 46 different countries for submitted for the competition’s seven different categories. The city of Tampere was the only Nordic city to be in the final. The competition was hosted by the annual fair and conference event Smart City Expo held in Barcelona, Spain.

Tampere’s entry is focused on the Carbon-Neutral Tampere 2030 roadmap, which is the city’s wide-ranging climate programme. Climate work is supported by a climate budget and different forms of cooperation, such as the Tampere region climate partnerships for companies and associations and the Climate Hero campaign aimed at residents.

– We are very honored and proud of this spot in the final. Tampere has many strengths related to smart urban development and we really appreciate that we’ve now got the recognition to our sustainable development expertise. Now we get the chance to let the world see what we have learned and experienced, says Teppo Rantanen, Executive Director of Growth, Innovation and Competitiveness Services at the City of Tampere.

Special aspects of creating the climate programme have included wide participation, assessing the impacts of the operations, or emissions and costs, as well as the planning and execution of implementation and follow-up.

The roadmap of the city’s climate programme focuses primarily on the actions of the city organisation, but becoming carbon-neutral also requires cooperation with companies, associations, universities, residents and other stakeholders.

– This has been a long-term and thorough work. We are very honored of this spot in the final and the biggest recognition goes to different city units, different actors, local companies and citizens, who have been commited to make this plan to happen in the near future. We also congratulate the winner of the year, rejoices Laura Inha, Development Manager at the City of Tampere.

The city of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by the end of the year 2030.

Further information

Program Manager Laura Inha Tel. +358408016035

Executive Director of economic policy, competitiveness and innovation Teppo Rantanen Tel. +358 400 235 442

Text Anni Ylinen

Photos Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere