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The voting stage of participatory budgeting has begun

Published 3.11.2020 10.55

Voting in participatory budgeting in Tampere takes place on 1–30 November 2020. The citizens of Tampere vote for the utilisation of EUR 450,000 for the benefit of children and young people. The project includes 120 proposals. Citizens get to choose and vote for the proposal of their choosing. All proposals can be viewed on the website where the voting takes place. All citizens of Tampere who are 12 years of age or older this year are eligible to vote.


Participatory budgeting is a three-stage procedure in which citizens get to innovate, plan and decide on how a certain budget will be utilised. This year, the theme of Tampere’s participatory budgeting has been the well-being of children and young people. The budget of EUR 450,000 will be utilised for realising the plans innovated and chosen by citizens in different parts of the city.

The voting stage of Tampere’s participatory budgeting begins on Sunday and lasts for the whole of November.

All voters have two votes to cast for the plans they like the best. Citizens select their favourites from the selection of 120 proposals, which include plans from supporting mental health, increasing sports opportunities or culture activities to new ways of participating and methods of impacting.

The proposals and the budgets for their realisation can be viewed on the website.

The results of the voting will be published in December. The City of Tampere will put the winning plans into practice during 2021.

Children, young people and adults can have an impact together

All citizens of Tampere who are born in 2008 or earlier are eligible to vote in the Mun Tampere participatory budgeting.

– The City of Tampere includes underaged citizens as full decision-makers alongside adults for the first time on such an extensive scale, explains Project Planner Jari Mäkäläinen.

- Participatory budgeting is an excellent and unique way for young people to get involved and decide on matters that are directly related to them.

Online voting

Voting in Tampere’s participatory budgeting takes place on the website.

Adults register as voters by using their online banking codes. The students of primary and secondary schools will use their personal Wilma user identifiers for voting.

– Online voting is the primary method of voting. However, we do offer assistance with voting for those citizens who do not have the skills required for online voting or do not have a computer. In assisted voting, an assistant will record the citizen’s vote in the website, Planning Officer Lilli Siikasmaa explains.

Times and locations for voting assistance:
• 23 November 2020 at 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Central Administration Building, Aleksis Kiven katu 14–16 C, Tampere
• 24 November 2020 at 3–5 p.m. Tesoma library, Tesomankatu 4, Tampere
• 25 November 2020 at 3–5 p.m. Koilliskeskus library, Liikekatu 3, Tampere
• 26 November 2020 at 3–5 p.m. Hervanta library, Insinöörinkatu 38, Tampere

Voters receiving assistance must confirm their identity by using their passport, identity card, driving license or a Kela photocard.

Further information

Planning Officer
Lilli-Nora Siikasmaa Tel. +358406587593
Tel. 040 658 7593

Project Planner
Jari Mäkäläinen Tel. 040 801 6150

Text Johanna Kurela

Photos Werneri Turunen