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Nekala library opens on 7 September

Published 2.9.2020 16.10

A new library will open in the yard of Nekala’s school building. The first mobile container library in Finland will operate with extensive, self-service opening hours.

Ulkokuva Nekalan uudesta kirjastosta.

A new library will open in Nekala on Monday 7 September. At the end of 2018, the former library that operated in the Nekala school building was closed due to indoor air problems. After closing, the lost library services in the area have been temporarily replaced by library buses.

Those responsible for the design of the new container library are Anne Lehtinen from Tampereen Tilapalvelut, Director of the Unit of Libraries and Adult Education Centres Pirkko Lindberg, and Chief of Collection Services at Tampere City Library Maarit Helén. District Library Director Taina Sahlander also participated in the project.

The new library is Finland’s first library built in a mobile rental container. The library consists of six freight containers with a total floor space of 145 m2. In addition to the new type of building solution, the container’s interior is also different to the usual style.

- We wanted to bring an interesting style and colours to Nekala, and we are pleased with the result. The container library is a compact multi-function space with a home-like decor that invites visitors to get together and look after the library together, Lindberg says.

A competition to design the interior of the container library was organised for the architecture students of Tampere University. The competition results did not offer a complete solution; however, the shelves and wall colours of the library were selected on the basis of the proposition that Amanda Luukkonen entered in the competition. The people responsible for the rest of the interior are Pirkko Lindberg and Maarit Helén.

Doors open with a library card

The Nekala library operates on a self-service basis. The library is open every day, and the doors are opened by swiping a library card and entering the four-digit code. There are no regular staff present, and a self-service machine is used for lending and returning materials. Visitors can also read magazines and newspapers, study and work as well as use the library’s computer and printer for customers.

Further information

Nekala Library
Tel. +358 (0)40 800 7811
33900 Tampere
opening hours Self-service opening hours (from 7 September onwards) Sun–Thu 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Fri–Sat 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Text Emma Salmi

Photos Eva Kallioranta